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What can tell your posture during sleep?

What can tell your posture during sleep?

Psychologists have long studied the relationship between thoughts, psychological status, human nature - and movements. There is a term - "body language."

And if it can be controlled in the waking state, the sleep - is virtually impossible. A favorite sleeping position of the human body tells a lot.

What kind of attitude "likes" to take your body when you sleep?



Per person per night can turn to changebody position. But usually awakening in the position which is most natural and advantageous. Watch yourself, for friends. What they pose and you during sleep often precedes awakening?


When a person sleeps on his back

If a person likes to sleep on the back, it sayshis calm, confident power, reliability. Such people tend to patronize the poor, mercy to enemies, forgiving. New information, new contacts and acquaintances are not afraid of them, but because of the innate sociability, they easily solve their own and other people's problems.
In any situation in such people can berely on, they are not inclined to treachery, commercialism. However, they are characterized by an easy arrogance, overconfidence. If a person takes a lot of space (spreads his legs, hands) - it speaks not only about power, but about selfishness and the fact that private space such people - a loose concept. Sometimes it is so loose that the other person may be an afterthought. In any case, someone who likes to sleep on his back, independence distinguishes such people - leaders by nature.


If a person is sleeping in a pose of "germ"

If a person sleeps on his side, pulling his legs tostomach, with his hands behind his head or hug the shoulders - it says that he is experiencing tightness in certain situations, various phobias, fear of difficulties, is experiencing a difficult problem and is not inclined to solve them on their own. Note: people sleeping in this position, that "presses" in the corner, trying to occupy as little space as possible. It says that he values ​​his personal space, but is ready to "squeeze" him to give way to another - in the personal space, career, personal life. Such people are in need of protection, care, concern, in patron accustomed to follow the leader and are not able to take responsibility for themselves in difficult situations.


If a person likes to sleep on his stomach

If a person likes to sleep on his stomach, "hugging"pillow or bed, it shows that he likes to take decisions itself, tends towards self-sufficiency and is not afraid to overcome obstacles. A man accustomed to "take the height of the" single-handedly, has the patience and the ability to pursue his. These people are characterized by qualities such as stealth, but in unexpected situations they "canny" and could make unexpected decisions. They do not take criticism, do not take into account the credibility of their opponents, behave as if only they set for themselves - credibility. Perseverance and determination of the people make them indispensable in cases where you need a good artist. But a favorable situation, they can easily change the habitat, the head of the project - in the name of more favorable conditions, so often careerists.


If a person likes to sleep on his side

This posture resembles a pose "an embryo" but morerelaxed, uninhibited. Legs are not pressed against the stomach, hands free are scattered near the body. These people love the comfort, have analytical mind, seek in any situation to remain calm, adequate. Reliability, ability to adapt both to the people and to situations, a high level of survival in life's difficulties, independence and ability to work in partnership - not a complete list of their virtues. Not possessing a high level of energy and psychic power, these people, however, are able to rationally spend your inner potential, do not like to fuss, not prone to euphoria. Negative qualities can be easy indifference, selfishness and too advanced pragmatism - they will not climb out of their way to help one's neighbor, but rather take advantage of the situation to improve their lives.

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