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What can your pose in a dream tell?


What can your pose in a dream tell?</a>

Psychologists have long studied the connection between thoughts, psychological state, the nature of a person - and movements. There is a term - "body language".

And if it can be controlled in a waking state, then in a dormant state it is almost impossible. The favorite position of the body of a sleeping person tells about many things.

And what pose "likes" to take your body when you are sleeping?



A person can overturn overnight, changePosition of the body. But awakening usually occurs in the position that is most preferable and natural. Watch yourself, for your loved ones. What posture do you and they often have before awakening during sleep?


If a person is sleeping on his back

If a person likes to sleep on his back, it speaks ofHis calm, confident strength, reliability. Such people tend to patronize the weak, are merciful to enemies, indulgent. New information, new contacts and acquaintances do not frighten them, and thanks to their innate sociability they easily solve their own and other people's problems.
In any life situation, such people canTo rely on, they are not prone to betrayal, mercantilism. However, they are characterized by easy arrogance, excessive self-confidence. If a person takes up a lot of space (spreads his legs, hands) - this speaks not only of strength, but also of selfishness, and also that the personal space of such people is a very elusive concept. Sometimes so stretchable that the place of another person can be of secondary importance. In any case, a person who likes to sleep on his back, is distinguished by independence, such people are leaders by nature.


If a person sleeps in the "embryo" position

If a person sleeps on his side, pulling his legs toBelly, with his hands under his head or with his arms around his shoulders - this indicates that he is clinging in certain situations, various phobias, afraid of difficulties, is experiencing difficulties and is not inclined to solve them independently. Note: a person who sleeps in this position, as if "squeezes" in a corner, tries to occupy as little space as possible. This shows that he values ​​his personal space, but is ready to "squeeze" it to give way to another - in his personal space, in his career, in his personal life. Such people need protection, custody, care, a patron, they are used to follow the leader and are not able to take responsibility for themselves in difficult situations.


If a person likes to sleep on his stomach

If a person likes to sleep on his stomach, "hugging"Pillow or bed, this shows that he likes to make decisions himself, gravitates toward independence and is not afraid to overcome obstacles. Such a man is accustomed to "take the height" alone, has the patience and ability to achieve his goal. These people are characterized by such qualities as secrecy, and in unexpected situations they are "on their mind" and can make unexpected decisions. They do not take criticism in their address, do not take into account the credibility of their opponents, behave as if they alone are their authority. Persistence and purposefulness in such people make them irreplaceable in matters where a good performer is needed. But under a favorable situation, they can easily change the habitat, the head, the project - in the name of more favorable conditions, and therefore often are careerists.


If a person likes to sleep on his side

This pose resembles the "embryo" pose, but moreRelaxed, relaxed. Legs are not pressed to the abdomen, hands are freely scattered near the body. Such people love comfort, have an analytical mind, strive in any situation to remain calm, adequate. Reliability, the ability to adapt to people and situations, a high level of survival in everyday life, independence and the ability to work in partnership is not a complete list of their merits. Not possessing a high level of energy and psychic power, these people, nevertheless, are able to rationally spend their internal potential, do not like fuss, are not inclined to euphoria. Negative quality can be easy indifference, selfishness and overly developed pragmatism - they will not climb out of their skin to help their neighbor, but rather take advantage of the situation to improve their lives.

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