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What does the decoration on the disposition of its owner

At all times, the women's jewelry was a way of self-expression.

They stressed the position of their owner, its status and wealth.

In today's world of jewelry can tell a lot about the character of the mistress.



Beautiful rings and rings chained to the viewsfemale hands like nothing else. Thin ring without stones prefer girls vulnerable and closed. These girls stormy romances prefer a quiet family life. A large stone on a gold ring, most often it is a diamond, it will tell you that his owner appreciates the stability and discreet luxury. Flirt and romantic love minx rings with lots of multi-colored stones. Such decorations are bright and emotional nature.


Earrings are also loved by women. Small earrings without stones are sensitive girl who is easily hurt. Earrings made of white gold with sapphires large prefer strong, strong-willed and tough ladies. They are moderate in all things, persistent in achieving their goals and all know the price. In contrast, the gentle romantic women love openwork decoration or ornament with a large number of small pebbles.


This is another integral part of the female image. Massive gold bracelet draws everyone's attention to his owner, indicating its status. Girl intelligent and emotional will choose thin bracelet with precious stones.

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