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What can be sore in your mouth


What can hurt your mouth</a>

Sore mouth can have ulcers, aphthae, abrasions, cuts, burns and other.

It is very important to put the correct diagnosis, as these symptoms can indicate serious serious illnesses.

Oral cavity is the same organHuman body, like everyone else and can also hurt. To hurt in the mouth can much, because through it every day there passes a lot of varied food and drink, both cold and hot. The mouth is first examined by a pediatrician and a therapist, and the state of the language can tell a lot about the patient's health. Pain in the mouth is not just an inconvenience, it is a serious problem that requires immediate resolution, especially when it concerns elderly and seriously ill patients.


; Pain in the mouth, which has been repeatedly encounteredEach is the pain caused by trauma or sick teeth. People with sensitive teeth know what pain can be from hot and cold drinks and food, although it stops as quickly as it starts. A common phenomenon and infection and inflammation of the gums, ulcers on the mucous surface, abrasions, blisters and cracks on the inner surface of the lips, which also cause pain. It is very important to make a diagnosis on time, as venereal diseases, cancer, AIDS and others can cause such phenomena.
In the mouth, aphthae and ulcers can be affected with stomatitis andGingivitis. The cause of this can be various damages (thermal, chemical, mechanical, physical) and diseases - diabetes, avitaminosis, measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, tuberculosis, thrush, heart and vascular diseases, hematopoietic and nervous systems, digestive organs and others. In this case, if the damaging factor affects the oral cavity for a short time, the mucous membrane turns red, swells, bleeds and hurts. With a longer exposure, ulcers are formed, which only aggravate this process.
; If it is a question of aphthous stomatitis, thenThe mucous surface of the mouth, as well as the tongue and gum are covered with small painful vesicles or round sores with a white middle that are surrounded by inflamed, reddened tissues. In this case, the patient is tormented not only by severe pain, but also by bleeding, swollen gums, saliva is abundant, body temperature rises, submandibular lymph nodes increase, and unpleasant odor from the mouth.

What else can cause pain?

Gingivitis can cause pain in the mouth. When poisoning lead, bismuth or manganese on the mucosa of the gum surface, the gingival papilla first inflames, gradually involving the neighboring areas in the process. Later on, this place can form an ulcer or erosion, causing bleeding and pain. With necrotic sites, the general condition of the body begins to deteriorate: body temperature rises, pain in the head, the patient suffers weakness, profuse sweating, insomnia and bad breath.

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