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What to use instead of the vase

A large number of accessories and decorative elements more clutter room. As a result, dust will accumulate, the interior looks and ill-considered congested.

That is why some homeowners strongly endure many gadgets in the trash.

Among them are at times and vases.

Vase - decorative and functional homeaccessory. As a rule, their shortage seen during major holidays:. Birthday, on March 8th, wedding, etc. However, keep in the house a great number of vases "just in case" can afford not everyone. These accessories are often characterized by massive and occupy a lot of space. A small vase in practice turn out to be meaningless.

Storing home numerous vases at allnot necessary. Accessories expensive in material or memorable way, be sure to leave. But get rid of cheap copies without regret. The required hour as vases, you can use many available in the building tanks.

For example, the role of the vase is perfectly fulfill the mostordinary metal / plastic bucket. It can be placed several bouquets volume as needed. However, before the event is required to prepare capacity: Wash and, if desired, garnish. For example, funny stickers, ribbons, balloons. Such improvised vase becomes an excellent holiday accessory.

As a vase you can also usea large pot or a can. In the first place bouquets of large, but not very long. A second use for the individual florets and high compositions. Of the dishes look and carafes for water: they are resistant and tend to look beautiful.

Various cans stored for blanks, asperfect for flowers. The only thing: keep an eye on the load capacity to accidentally capsized. Beautiful vase and the bottle will be out of juice or wine with a wide neck. Keep this in advance on request - decorate. For example, using threads, beads, decoupage or conventional acrylics. This Handmaiden vase will be a wonderful piece of interior.

In modern homes are also commonplastic bowls and containers. They are perfectly suited for the role of the vase, if properly execute and give them stability. With both coped ordinary gift bag with a beautiful pattern. Just put it in two or three tanks (depending on size) and pour a little water. In this design as vases can even be used buckets from mayonnaise.

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