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What can be planted next to cucumbers

What can be planted next to cucumbers

Truck farmers constantly experimenting to get a big harvest. With special attention should be addressed to the neighborhoods on various vegetable crops.

Otherwise, the plants can interfere with each other very well bear fruit.

Even before landing work isthink about what crops will coexist, and which should sit away from each other. Planning is very important, if the site is small, and it would be desirable to plant more. As a rule, the central place in the garden belongs to the potatoes and cucumbers. With potatoes increasingly clear, a separate area is chosen for her. Meanwhile, cucumbers more capricious culture. They need and fertilize, and neighbors to pick them harder. Particularly if they are planted in open ground, rather than in greenhouse conditions.

What can be planted next to cucumbers

Cucumbers require a soil application of organicfertilizers in abundant quantities. So they need to choose neighbors on the basis of this principle. Professional horticulturists have long known the secret of the neighborhood corn and cucumbers. This neighborhood is so favorable that the yield of cucumber increased by 20%. Due to the high shoots of corn in the garden creates an optimum microclimate. Until required cucumber reaches the amount of light and shade. In addition, cucumber tendrils can be perfectly mounted on the trunks corn.
Another neighbor for high cucumbers mayserve as a sunflower. The increase in yield with a joint landing securely. As in the case of corn, sunflower will send in the right direction cucumber shoots.
To provide additional recharge ofsoil for cucumbers, can be planted along the beds of legumes. They saturated the ground with nitrogen, which is so necessary for a large harvest. It's a great blend of cultures, especially that of beans or peas usually sorry to allocate any particular site in the garden.
To increase the crop can be planted cucumbersnext to them calendula. Flowers attract insects that pollinate the same time and cucumbers. In addition, calendula is very useful, so it will definitely be not out of place.

Undesirable neighbors for cucumbers

The combination of cucumbers and tomatoes on a bed of oneextremely adversely affect the yield of both crops. Particularly it becomes noticeable in the greenhouse. The fact that these vegetables, and different temperature and humidity conditions. Also for fertilizer plants are very different.
Cucumbers are not planted in open ground withpotatoes. The reasons for this adverse neighborhood have already been described above. Keep in mind that with proper planning landing papers can achieve excellent results.

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