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WHAT can be planted next to cucumbers?


What can I plant next to cucumbers?</a>

Ogorodniki constantly experiment to get a big harvest. Special attention should be paid to the neighborhood issues of various vegetable crops.

Otherwise, plants can interfere with each other's excellent fruit.

Even before the commencement of the planting worksThink about what kind of cultures will be next to each other, and which ones should be placed far apart from each other. Planning is very important if the site is small, and you want to plant a lot. As a rule, the central place in the garden belongs to potatoes and cucumbers. With potatoes all the more clear, for her chosen a separate area. Meanwhile, cucumbers are more capricious cultures. They need to be fertilized, and it is more difficult for them to find their neighbors. Especially if they are planted in the open ground, and not in greenhouse conditions.

What can I plant next to cucumbers?

Cucumbers require the introduction of organicFertilizers in abundant quantities. Means the neighbors they need to choose on the basis of this principle. Professional gardener has long known the secret of the neighborhood of corn and cucumbers. This neighborhood is so favorable that the yield of cucumbers is increased by 20%. Due to high shoots of corn on the bed, an optimal microclimate is created. The necessary amount of light and shade reaches the cucumber. In addition, the cirri mustache can be perfectly fixed on the corn stems.
Another high neighbor for cucumbers canTo serve a sunflower. The increase in yield at such joint planting is secured. As in the case of corn, sunflower will help in the right direction to direct shoots of cucumbers.
To provide additional feedingSoils for cucumbers, it is possible to plant legumes along the bed. They saturate the earth with nitrogen, which is so necessary for a large crop. This is an excellent combination of crops, especially since for beans or peas it is usually a pity to allocate a separate plot in the garden.
To increase the yield of cucumbers, you can plantNext to them is calendula. Flowers attract insects, which at the same pollinate and cucumber. In addition, the calendula is very useful, so it certainly will not be superfluous.

Unwanted neighbors for cucumbers

The combination of cucumbers and tomatoes on the same bedExtremely adversely affect the yield of both crops. Especially it will become noticeable in the greenhouse. The fact is that these vegetables have different temperature and humidity regimes. Also, fertilizers for plants are very different.
In open ground cucumbers do not land withPotatoes. The reasons for this unfavorable neighborhood are already described above. Keep in mind that with proper landing planning you can achieve excellent results.

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