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What can be found under the hood of a car

Open the hood

The car - a complex technical device that allows people to quickly and comfortably move around. Internal structure of any machine can be compared with the device of the human body.

Just as in humans, under the hood of the car are "organs", combined in a single system, thanks to the work which the machine can go.

In the engine compartment of any vehicle located the main aggregates and systems that ensure the work of all "organism" cars.

The lever opens the hood of most cars is usually located inside the vehicle in the vicinity of the steering wheel. Other ways of opening occur very rarely.

car Engine

The engine - the heart of the car, without itbring the car in motion does not work. This is an important unit for converting energy into mechanical work necessary for ride. The most common type of automobile engine is a carburetor or injector piston internal combustion engine, which can use different kinds of automobile fuel. Carburettor engines can now be found only in the older models of cars. In addition to the piston engine, some car manufacturers use rotary-piston engines and electric motors. Electric motors are more often used in conjunction with internal combustion engines in cars hybrids.
Internally, the engine is difficult device, andin case of breakage require special knowledge and skills to repair. Anything that can make a normal user, check this level, pour the oil and replace the spark plug. Therefore, under the hood the engine usually has a plastic panel, but nevertheless the neck for pouring oil level dipstick and spark plugs are always provided free access.

There are cases when the vehicle is under the hood: snakes, cats, dogs, small rodents and even humans, illegal immigrants.

ventilation and cooling system

During operation of the engine all its partsare exposed to high temperatures and thus require cooling, without which the normal functioning of the engine is impossible. The engine cooling system is very important and must always work properly. There are two main types of cooling systems, and liquid air. The air system is now found in modern models of cars very rarely the main system is a kind of liquid cooling. The main organs of the cooling system are: water polo engine, radiator, pump, thermostat, expansion tank, stove and radiator elements of the connection.
Of all the systems listed under itemshood of any motorist sees the radiator, expansion tank, which topped the coolant and the connecting tube. The other elements are hidden in the bowels of the engine, but if you want to get to them will not be difficult.

electrical power system

vehicle power supply system consists ofseveral components, which guarantees the correct functioning of easy starting, operation of all electrical and lighting devices. The main electrical equipment within the system is the battery, alternator and wiring connecting all electrical sources.
Under the hood of the entire system of the eye immediatelycatches battery, which is installed in a special compartment. Access to the battery as easy as possible, as it requires maintenance and periodic replacement. The generator usually attached to the motor housing and visible immediately, it can be a good look at replacing the belt.

ignition system

The main elements of the system are candlesplugs, ignition, high-voltage wires, a distributor, a control unit, the switch. In addition to the ignition, all the items are found under the hood, wires and candles very often need to be replaced, so they are the most accessible to manipulation.
Also under the hood of a car, you can find blocksSensors and fuse the various systems, washer tank windows and headlights, containers for sauce brake fluid and oil in the power steering, fuel, air, oil filters and plate c VIN-numbers.

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