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WHAT can be found under the hood of a car


A car is a complex technical device that allows people to move quickly and comfortably. The internal structure of any machine can be compared with the device of the human body.

Just like a person, under the hood of the car there are "bodies", united in a single system, thanks to the work of which the car can drive.

In the hood of any car are the main units and systems that provide the work of the entire "body" of cars.

Lever opening the hood of most cars, usually located in the car, in the steering area. Other methods encounter openings very rarely.

The engine of the car

The engine is the heart of the car, without itIt's impossible to put the car into motion. This important unit serves to convert energy into mechanical work necessary for driving. The most common type of car engine is a carburetor or injector piston internal combustion engine that can use various types of automotive fuel. Carburetor engines can now be found only on older models of cars. In addition to the piston engine, some automakers use rotary-piston motors and electric motors. Electric motors are often used in conjunction with internal combustion engines in hybrid vehicles.
The internal arrangement of the engine is rather difficult, andIn case of breakage, special knowledge and skills are required to repair it. All that a normal user can do is check the level, add fuel and replace the spark plugs. Therefore, under the hood, the engine is usually closed by a plastic panel, but nevertheless, free access is always provided to the oil filler neck, dipstick and spark plugs.

There are cases when under the hood of cars were found: snakes, cats, dogs, small rodents and even people-illegal immigrants.

Ventilation and cooling system

While the engine is running, all of its partsAre exposed to high temperatures and therefore require cooling, without which the normal operation of the motor is impossible. The engine cooling system is of great importance and should always work properly. There are two main types of cooling systems: air and liquid. The air system is now found in modern auto models very rarely, the main system is a liquid cooling type. The main cooling system are: water jacket of the engine, radiator, pump, thermostat, expansion tank, radiator stove and connection elements.
Of all the listed elements of the system underThe hood of any motorist sees the radiator, the expansion tank, in which the coolant and the connecting pipes are added. The remaining elements are hidden in the interior of the engine, but if you want to get to them it will not be very difficult.

Power supply system

The power supply system of a car consists ofSeveral components, the proper functioning of which guarantees easy start of the engine, operation of all electric and light devices. The main electrical equipment included in the system is a battery, generator and wiring that connects all current consumers to sources.
Under the hood of the whole system in the eye immediatelyA battery is thrown in, which is installed in a special compartment. Access to the battery is as easy as possible since it needs maintenance and periodic replacement. The generator is usually attached to the engine body and can not be seen immediately, it can be clearly seen when replacing the belt.

Ignition system

The main elements of the system are candlesIgnition, ignition switch, high-voltage wires, distributor, control unit, switch. In addition to the ignition lock, all the elements are under the hood, wires and candles very often need replacing, so they are maximally available for various manipulations.
Also under the hood of the car you can find blocksSensors and fuses of various systems, a tank of a washer of glasses and headlights, tanks for an updating of a brake liquid and oil in the hydraulic booster of a wheel, fuel, air, oil filters and a label with VIN-numbers.

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