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What can be done with the shoes if they rubbed the back?

What can we do with the shoes if they rubbed the back?

Sometimes even the best quality shoes in the early days can strongly rub the heel, which is why walking in it becomes impossible.

In order not to postpone your favorite pair to the far corner, you can immediately try to solve the problem by simple methods.

professional Help

The safest and most effective way to stretchshoes in a certain place - give it to the shop. There's heel will cause a special tool, and then put on shoes on a wooden block, which will adjust to the desired length. After some time, you will be able to pick up shoes and wear them without problems.

This can be done in the home. To do this in a shoe store to buy vehicle-stretcher and a wooden shoe. Because of this you will be able to solve the problem and on the other shoe.

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Using the available tools

In the shoes of genuine leather, you can trysoften the heel with an alcohol. To do this, carefully wet cotton wool or cloth in alcohol solution and wipe the inside of the problem areas in the shoes. Then cover the heel plaster, put on thick socks and walk in shoes as long as it does not dry out completely.

Instead, you can use alcohol or castorparaffin oil, but the excess end of the tool must necessarily be removed with a paper towel. A oil should be applied only to the inner surface of the shoe.

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Make your skin softer with a hammer and tissues. To do this, put the shoe backdrop on a hard surface, the inside of the cover with a cloth backdrop and gently tap on it a hammer a few minutes.

Backdrop on suede shoes can be mitigated bycouple. Just hold the shoe over boiling water so as to place that rubs, was slightly damp. After that, walk around in the shoes, putting it on a thick sock.

If you rub the back of the shoes unnatural skinSpread problematic place wax or a small amount of liquid soap. After that, walk around in the shoes for several hours, putting them again on your toes. A rubber shoes can be stretched slightly, if moisten backs outside and inside the hot water, and then they also resemble in some time.

Take advantage of special siliconestickers, which can be bought at a pharmacy or a shoe store. Glue them to the location of the shoe rubbed on the inside and enjoy long walks. Hold them very well, so it is ideal for rubs backs. Typically, such labels are transparent, so that they are unobtrusive even on colored shoes. And that certainly solve the problem of rubbing, do not forget the first time to the heel stick a band-aid.

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