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WHAT can be done to hair appointment

What you can do hair for a date

Rendezvous - an important event, which wants to be beautiful. A time for the hairdresser is not always enough.

There are a couple of trendy hair styling, which are easy to make at home, having spent a total of five to ten minutes.



Laying that will suit owners of thicklong hair - high "horse" tail. The secret to successful hair styles - smooth shiny curls. To make it so, use liquid styling. She fasten the scales, make the hair more smooth, shiny. Apply the liquid to curl and comb them, to allocate funds from the roots to the tips. Then tilt your head down and collect the hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck level. Attach a rubber band. Comb the curls again. Above the gum can be attached to hairpin or decorate laying silk handkerchief.


The second fast installation, suitable for a date -surround beam. Nacheshite hair at the roots, sprinkle them varnish. Then build in a high ponytail. The tip of the tail wrap several times around the gum. The stronger the fleece, the more luxuriant will beam. The tip of the tail hide under the gum, hair again seal it with varnish.


Hairstyle that will suit owners of hairmedium length - Greek. To build it, you will need a bandage - belt, scarf, belt. Comb your hair parted in the middle and divide it in half. Put a bandage. Thin strands tighten tip inward and push for a bandage. For hair more manageable, they can be treated with lacquer or foam. Screw locks all over the head, to get a nice cushion. Secure the hair lacquer.


Owners of curly or wavy hairYou can make a beautiful lush romantic styling. Comb your hair and apply a foam. Rumpled strands in his fist in turn, to become more pronounced curls. Curls lay near the face with the help of gel. Thus you will attach hair shape, hair will not puff up, creating the appearance of a hairstyle that requires hands barber. Hairstyle can be decorated with artificial flower or a large barrette.

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