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What came to the house of a black cat

What came to the house of a black cat

People have always believed in omens associated with cats.

Even in ancient times cats were carried out with the help of various rituals.

It was a black cat symbolizing luck or trouble.

Cats have long been considered magical animals. Various signs with a black cat and perceived by people in real time. The behavior of the cat can predict changes in the weather and the state of health of its owner. Color cat with is also important. Particular impact on people who have black cats.

Good omens

Mystical cat - so calledthese animals with black wool. People are always cautious about the black cats. Some thought that black brings only trouble, others thought a black cat comes into the house of happiness.

Psychologists have been proven, in that people will believe, then it will happen.

If a black cat came into the house, it foretellsfamily well-being and success in all endeavors. It has long been thought that came into the house cat can not be cast out into the street. The cat in the house brings joy and happiness, driving it, a man deprives himself of this.
If the cat newlyweds visited the house, soon in the family is waiting for the addition.
Many owners of black cats think theirpets have a healing effect. They lie on the sore spots, thereby facilitate the course of the disease. If the cat is about the patient, it "picks up" the disease.

Bad omens

The most common sign if a black catman crossed the road. In this situation, it is assumed that nothing good will on this day. Fans of black cats come up in this case a plot that was shooting the whole film, "Black cat - to a happy path".

It is believed that if a black cat lies under the bed or in the legs a sick person, then soon you can expect death in the house.

Experts have proven that the cat feelsimpending death. From such people comes a peculiar odor, which capture animals. In European countries, in hospices special factory cat that "predicts" the outcome of the disease.
It is believed that a black cat will not live in the housewith bad energy. In households where the constantly swear and find out the relationship, the cat will often get sick, and if it is possible, it will leave this house.
If a black cat came into the house, but aftera time gone out of him, it is believed that she took home from this trouble. Do not forcibly hold a cat in the house, because she wanted to help other people.

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