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WHAT camcorder choose to shoot high-quality videos

Which camera to choose for shooting high-quality movies

To record high-quality movies is to choose a digital video camera format mini DV and 1/3 matrix. Enlarge image more than 25 times will allow the model ZOOM 25/100.

As for the LCD screen, the bigger it is, the better.

Immediately worth mention that is not the most"The best" and most "bad" cameras. Each particular model is designed to handle the specific tasks assigned to it and match their price range. Therefore, when choosing a camcorder should be based on their preferences and financial opportunities.

video recording format

If we talk about amateur formats heredistinguish between analog and digital formats. Analog is a relic of the past, digital, in turn, presented a variety of formats, offers great opportunities in terms of editing, image enhancement and more. For example, mini DV format differs best image clarity, excellent color and superb stereo sound. The user can process the image with the help of modern computer technology.
DVD format adapted to the DVD-Player, but the qualityworse than the previous analog. The format of micro MV «understands" only a special program from Sony. For the format of HDD has a great future, but so far there are complaints about the quality and increase speed. HDTV format is the most modern, but it is expensive and such cameras shoot mini DV is worse in low light.

What else to pay attention

As for the optics, that on formal groundsthe quality of this system is difficult to determine. Only practice can be found that is capable of a video camera. But for maximum viewing angle should check with the seller. Matrix image quality set by the camera is directly affected. The larger it is, the higher the quality of the recording. To date, the sale is a camcorder with a few matrices, but the price of such a device is quite high.
If there is no question about purchasingprofessional camera, the ideal solution would be an amateur device with a matrix of 1/3. This camera is small with a matrix of 1/3 will produce a better image than the large-sized camera with a matrix of 1/6. Well, if the device has an optical zoom function, because the digital zoom can be used even with a simple video editing program. By buying a recommended model ZOOM 25/100, allowing the larger picture into a more than 25-fold.
Speaking of the LCD screen, the bigger it is, thebetter. Another very important feature - the battery capacity. When you select the device you need to focus not on the time specified in the characteristics, and on time with the new surround the battery. So what about his choice should take care in advance and calculate the time of your camcorder.

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