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WHAT exact sciences called

What are the exact sciences called

There is a classification of the sciences, depending on what the subject of their study, and what methods.

Exact Sciences is closely linked with technology and promote technological progress, they are often opposed to humanitarian.

What are the exact sciences

For the exact sciences is accepted to such sciences aschemistry, physics, astronomy, mathematics, computer science. Historically, that the exact sciences mainly paid attention to inanimate nature. In recent years suggest that the science of wildlife, biology, can be accurate, because it all the same techniques often applied in chemistry, physics, etc. Already in biology is the exact section pertaining to the exact sciences - genetics.
Mathematics - basic science, upon which many other sciences. It is believed to be accurate, though sometimes used in the proofs of theorems assumptions that proof can not be.
Computer science - the science of how to obtain,collection, storage, transmission, conversion, protection and use of the information. Since this is all allow computers, computer related to computer technology. It includes a variety of information relating to the treatment of subjects, such as the development of programming languages, algorithms and analysis, etc.

What distinguishes the sciences

Exact Sciences to study the exact laws,phenomena and objects of nature, which can be measured using established methods, devices, and described with the aid of clearly defined concepts. Hypotheses based on experimentation and logical reasoning and strictly checked.
Exact Sciences usually deal with numericalvalues, formulas, unambiguous conclusions. If we take, for example, the physics, the laws of nature are the same in equal conditions. In the sciences, the humanities, such as philosophy, sociology, everyone can have an opinion on most issues, and justify it, but to prove that this view is the only correct, it is unlikely to be able to. In humanities strongly expressed subjectivity factor. Measurement results of the exact sciences can be checked, ie they are objective.
The essence of the natural sciences can be well understood by the examplecomputer science and programming, where the algorithm is used "if - then - else." The algorithm involves a clear sequence of actions to achieve a particular result.
Scientists and researchers continue to do everythingnew discoveries in various fields, many of the phenomena and processes on Earth and in the universe remain unexplored. Because of this we can assume that even any humanitarian science could be fine if there were methods to uncover and prove all is inexplicable laws. In the meantime, people just do not possess such methods, so they have to settle arguments and draw conclusions on the basis of the experience and observations.

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