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What business can be opened in the 100-200 thousand rubles

What business can be opened in the 100-200 thousand rubles

Create your own business - one of the safest ways to invest.

With an initial capital of a few hundred thousand, you can create a business that will work for many years.

However, it needs to take into account all possible risks and play to their strengths.


The modest by the standards of business as usual in the amount of100,000 rubles can be a great start in the Internet - in fact many of your competitors do not have the initial capital. In order not to lose money online, you can try to create a case without using money at all. And the only "test the waters under their feet", assessing risks and studying all the free information on the creation of sites and services, you can use your capital.
Money on the Internet it makes sense to spend onpurchase of hired labor, applications and information that you will use in your projects. Strive to achieve maximum attendance - then advertising money does not take long to wait.

Public catering

Opening their cafe, the bar can be a goodbusiness goals. Please pay attention to the competition. Create another catering can solve the problem of a district or a specific audience - but only if the correct positioning.
The main expenses consist of the purchase of a cafefood and rent. Although two hundred thousand rubles can be spent in the first month, you need to take into account the revenues. Therefore, you need to advertise the restaurant before opening.
It is advisable to look for commercial property notthrough realtors and independently. Sometimes a room in the city center can be removed without a middleman for a small amount. But you need to have entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance. Find the area of ​​the long vacant after the closure of the shop or beauty salon. Every day the owner of the premises is losing money. Using this information, you can seriously bring down the price.

Reselling, Logistics

Resale (or retail) is one of the mostancient forms of commerce. Its essence is to buy cheap things where it is not in demand and selling it where it is needed. Sustainable retail need to find a reliable supplier, ideally - the manufacturer. The factory can offer the lowest prices on items that you should bring in your town (your own or with the help of a transport company). So you help people get what they want, and themselves get a percentage of the transaction.


According to America's richest man WarrenBuffett, the "best business - is one that other people do." Using this formula, it can be concluded that investment in shares, currency or other businesses is one of the most reasonable means of investing money. The truth should be separated "playing roulette" by deliberate investment.
You can, for example, to use the knowledge and skillsprofessional investors - brokers and business people with experience. For his work, they charge a percentage of the profits, but also may bring such dividends, which in a simple deposit account did not earn (up to 10% per month) in the bank. Find brokers can in banks or on the stock exchange RTS (Russian Trading System).

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