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WHAT is a pearl bath


What is a pearl bath</a>

The name of the pearl bath is due to the overflowing air bubbles produced by a special compressor.

As they exit the metal tubes, theyCreate a massaging effect and have a beneficial effect on the body, relieving pain in the muscles, strengthening blood circulation, stabilizing the outflow of lymph and improving the state of the nervous system.

The mechanism of action and the benefits of pearl baths

The adoption of pearl baths is a procedure similar toWith hydromassage, in which the human body is exposed to water and air. Pearl they were called because of the fact that the air bubbles formed in the water look like iridescent pearls. Their appearance is explained by the injection of air by a special compressor, which is located on the bottom of the bath under the grate. As you exit the narrow metal tubes with small holes, a large number of bubbles form from the air. Combined with water currents, the temperature of which is 35-36 degrees, they produce a massage effect.
The benefit of pearl baths is that inThe process of their acceptance improves the circulatory system and stabilizes blood pressure. They effectively cope with back pain, relieve tension in the muscles and quickly eliminate signs of rheumatism. Stabilization of lymph drainage, removal of inflammatory processes, oxygenation of the skin and improvement of its condition, relaxing effect and beneficial effect on the nervous system - all these properties have miraculous pearl baths.

Indications and contraindications for taking pearl baths

Experts recommend the adoption of pearl baths in such pathologies as:
- vegetative-vascular disorders-
- stress and neurosis-
- cellulite-
- metabolic disease-
- diseases of the musculoskeletal system-
- persistent increase in blood pressure without changes in internal organs.
However, in no case should you not takePearl baths for any acute diseases and their exacerbations, thrombophlebitis and increased blood coagulability, cardiovascular diseases, pustular and fungal skin lesions.

Rules for the adoption of pearl baths

Pearl baths must be taken in positionLying down. The procedures are carried out every other day at a water temperature of not more than 37 degrees. The room temperature should be 20-24 degrees. Such a contrast of temperatures is useful for the body, and air bubbles emerging from the holes in the tubes, have a massage effect. The duration of one procedure is 10-20 minutes. A total of 12-15 procedures are for one course.
If desired, sea salt can be added to the bathOr aromatic oils. To prevent dehydration of the skin, after the procedure, it must be moistened with a cream intended for body care. Further it is necessary to lie down for 15-30 minutes to enhance the effect of the bath and restore the activity of the circulatory and nervous systems.

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