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WHAT bronzer

What bronzer

Bronzer - a cosmetic product, which is a matter of minutes can give the skin a fresh and rested appearance.

Especially true of its use in the warmer months.

Bronzers and its basic properties

Bronzer - a cosmetic product which isIt gives the skin a tanned look. Unlike-tanning lotions, bronzer, usually has no coloring properties. When applying a thin layer on the face or certain parts of the body can get tanned skin tone, but it is just an optical illusion. Bronzer - it is primarily a means of decorative cosmetics. Lightly paint the top layer of skin can only bronzers for solarium.
The beauty of using this cosmeticmeans is that it can and should be applied not to the entire face, but only for certain of its areas: the forehead, nose, cheekbones, collarbones. If the shade of bronzer too dark, the first can be a little walk broad brush across the surface of the face and neck, and then to focus on the more important parts of it.
Places that are worth to apply bronzernot chosen by chance. This is the most prominent part of the body, which, after being in the sun tan first. When applying bronzer selectively, it is possible to achieve a very attractive skin tone. When applied correctly, means a person will look very fresh, tanned, rested.
Apply bronzer on the face must be usinga large powder brush. Before using it is necessary to clean the skin, wipe it with tonic and cover a light layer of powder. Foundation or basis in this case is not recommended as a bronzer can lie on it stained, it will look very ugly.
Liquid detergent for giving face Sun shadebest applied with a moist sponge. Cream bronzers designed for tanning, tanning reinforce and give the skin a golden hue after the first visit to a beauty salon. Unlike tanning bronzer for tanning very quickly washed off.

Choosing the right bronzer

When choosing a bronzer in the beauty shop,We need to focus on the quality, color, as well as the main characteristics. Preference should be given to products of famous brands, proved only on the positive side. The way lies a cosmetic on the face, will depend on the overall impression of makeup.
From the line of bronzers better to choose productspowder, as it looks on the face and exposed skin is most natural. In addition, the powder is an excellent choice for the spring-summer season. Typically, the skin at this time tends to fat content, and means in the form of cream can only emphasize this feature.
Bronzer for tanning should providesafety of the skin during tanning. This is possible thanks to UV filters, included in its composition. Modern manufacturers have introduced UV filters and in the decorative bronzers funds, since they are used primarily in the warmer months. It is worth to pay attention to when buying a product.
Make-up artists are advised to opt for matttextures. Cosmetics gloss can give a person is not very neat, especially if the skin is oily face. After applying a matte bronzer always possible to focus on certain areas with the help of sparkling powder or highlighter.

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