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What breed was Hachiko

What breed was Hachiko

The famous story of a loyal friend Hachiko, not just to film directors, very few people can remain indifferent.

As a result, fame was not only the Hachiko, but the breed to which it belongs.

The myth of the rock Hachiko

After the film adaptation appeared misconceptionbreed title protagonist. There was an opinion that the dog breed called "Hati". Most likely, this is due to the fact that the owner of the film is often used this name in relation to the dog. In fact, "Hati" - this is only a reduction of the full name, and it has its own meaning: "hati" in Japanese translates as "the eighth." But eight - a lucky number in Japanese culture. That's the word according to the story has been written on the collar puppy found. These same name Hachiko breeds - Akitas.
The name of the breed is also very simpleexplanation related to the Japanese language. Akita - is the name of the Japanese prefecture, where the breed was widespread in the 17th century, and the word "Inu" means "dog" or "rock." Therefore, this breed is often called simply Akita, which is not a mistake.

Character Akita

Character Akita Inu was amazing disclosed inlatest film, dedicated to the story, directed by Lasse Halstrema. A dog of this breed has a calm temperament and a high speed. It does not make unnecessary movements and true only to his master, to the "other" also applies in cold blood. But for all the outward calm in an emergency Akita is ready to be bold and to protect a loved one. No wonder this breed compared with the samurai, ready at any moment to rush into battle. Akita in the 18th century can be seen only at the imperial court and his servant, as the rest of it was forbidden to keep this breed at.
Until now, Japan's Akita Inu figurines on beliefs bring the house good luck and health. These dogs are able to get along well with children, as calm and patient.

As Akita conquered the world

While that is the birthplace of AkitaJapan, after the famous story of Hachiko, in the early 20th century, the breed has won the love of the United States and Europeans. More recently, Akita was brought to Russia. There is, of course, another story that long ago Akita came from Europe through Russia to Japan, but little evidence of this. The Japanese themselves are not particularly pay attention to the story and is considered a national treasure of Akita Inu. They are its "symphony of triangles", as the ears, eyes, muzzle and nose have a triangular shape.

Three color

The breed, there are three color varieties. White color without spots - is a real, natural. That statuette white Akita decided to give a family where there is a newborn. Tiger and red & white colors, the most widely used by mating Akita with a German shepherd during the war.

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