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What breed of dog is the Queen of England?

What breed of dog is the Queen of England?

The British are very fond of animals - the four-legged pets are available in many families. English royal house - is no exception.

All members of the royal family are not indifferent to the horses and dogs, and everyone has their own preferences in the rocks.

My favorite dogs of the Queen Elizabeth II became funny, cute corgi and capricious.

Corgi: Breed characteristics

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Welsh Corgi Pembroke - an ancient breed of huntingdogs, bred in Wales. Animals is small in size (30 cm in length and 10 kg weight), a funny elongated snout with large erect ears and short legs. Tint Coat Corgi ranges from sandy to dark brown, allowed arbitrary black and white spots. The nature of dogs peculiar - they are capricious, playful, happy and tend to pugnacity. But this Corgi respond well to training and without problems get along with other pets.

Corgi at the English court: history of occurrence

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The first dog of this breed is a seven-year, ElizabethI saw at a party - and the little red creatures immediately captivated her heart. In 1944, the Princess received her own dog - a red Corgi named Susan. It has become not only a constant companion Elizabeth, and the progenitor of the royal pack of Corgis. Today, the palace lives the ninth generation of the descendants of the Queen's favorite dog.

Today, the Queen 11 dogs. By tradition, they are given a gentle, poetic names - Saharok, darling, Bee, Medoc, Smokey. Not all dogs are different royal sweet disposition. The palace is still remembered with gentle Corgi named Heather, which is due to frequent fights and lame lost half an ear, but has not lost his fighting nature.

Also corgi in royal residence Sandrindgem bred other hunting dogs - spaniels and Labradors.

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Weekdays royal dogs

Royal gang lives on a strict schedule. At Buckingham Palace, at exactly 5:00 animals served ceremonial meal. The waiters finely sliced ​​meat, served on silver trays special sauce and sifted flour for cookies. Elizabeth personally mixes the ingredients and arranges them in silver bowls, and then delivers the food to the dogs on plastic napkins.

In his country residence Sandringham Queen almost all the free time spent with the dogs. Wearing a raincoat and rubber boots she walks a pack, and then comb the dogs.

When the Queen was away on business, for dogsroyal canine looks - this official position has existed for several decades. By the way, not only keeps Corgi Queen. These dogs love, and her mother, the Dowager Queen Elizabeth and Anna's daughter. The heir to the throne Charles prefers Labrador, but also applies to pets mother with sympathy. But warm feelings for the Queen doggies do not feed it. The waiters and other employees of the palace often complain that bold and wayward doggie bite their ankles, or knocked down, streaking through the palace corridors.

Royal dog never accompanied Elizabeth to foreign trips - tough quarantine regulations in force in the United Kingdom, apply to them.

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After the death of the royal dogs get anotherprivilege - they are buried in the palace park. Small mounds with memorial stones scattered along the avenues. And the ancestor of the royal pack of Susan, who died at the ripe old age of fifteen, won a touching inscription embossed on the gravestone: "Susan, loyal friend of the Queen."

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