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What breed kitten from Whiskas advertising

What breed kitten from Whiskas advertising

"Whiskas" Sponsored feed rollers earned the love, even among people who do not cherish special feelings to the representatives of the cat family.

The company picked up for the filming of one of the most charming kittens in the world. Name them - Scottish Straight.

This breed pryamouhih Scottish cats, characterized almost "cartoon" appearance and good-natured character.

The breed standard

how to determine the breed of cat
To create commercials manufacturersfood Whiskas chose the breed Scottish Straight. This breed of cats Scottish pryamouhih allocated recently. Until 2005, the straights were recorded as a British breed, but this caused confusion. Today Scottish Straight is one of the most popular and sought-after species.

Externally, these cats really remindBritish, but have a number of distinctive features: a rounded snout, long tapering tail is flexible, small narrow erect ears. Scottish Straight possess a graceful, muscular body and is not very long, strong limbs with tightly clenched fingers. Males tend to be considerably larger than females: adult cat weighs an average of 4 kg, and the cat - 3-3.5 kg. The head is rounded by a convex forehead and round cheeks. Profile straight bridge of the nose slightly concave. The chin is not too speaks, and a short neck. All Scottish certainly have great expressive wide-set eyes. The color can be different, depending on coat color. Wool plush to the touch, has a thin dual textured.

Some features that are considered the British virtues in Scottish straights are disadvantages, such as: flat forehead, or a noticeable stop nose


how to determine the pedigreed cat
In Scottish straights, like all Scottishcats are very docile and peaceful character. They are balanced and linked to the house owners. Kittens of this breed is playful, but obedient, they can easily become accustomed to the tray and with proper upbringing did not cause any trouble.

Wean a kitten from her mother, it is desirable in the age of two and a half months

Scottish pryamouhie cats are intelligent and do notannoying meow: they can submit a voice in very rare cases, such as if they forgot to feed. They get along well with other animals and are friendly with small children quickly get used to the unfamiliar surroundings, well oriented in new places and do not get nervous during the cat shows and exhibitions. Nature has endowed Scottish Straight sharp mind and wit, but it is completely alien aggression - is exclusively domestic cat breeds. In addition, they are extremely cleanly. If you have forged two of these cats, they will be regularly thoroughly lick each other.
Finally, it is worth noting this uniqueScottish feature, like love to relax in unusual poses. Internet video orgy fun with these lovely pets, dozing on the back or in the lotus position.

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