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How to breed a kitten from the advertising of Wiskas


What kind of breed is a kitten from Wiskas advertising</a>

Promotional videos of "Viskas" food have gained love even among people who do not have special feelings for members of the cat family.

The company has selected for shooting one of the most charming kittens in the world. The name is Scottish Straight.

This is a breed of Straight Scottish cats, which is almost like a "cartoonish" appearance and good-natured character.

Breed Standard

How to identify a cat breed
To create commercials, manufacturersThe Whiskas feed selected representatives of the Scottish Straight breed. This is a breed of Straight Scottish cats, allotted very recently. Until 2005, the straights were registered as a British breed, but this caused confusion. Today Scotty Straight is one of the most popular and sought-after breeds.

Outwardly, these cats really remindBritish, but they have a number of distinctive features: a rounded muzzle, a long tapering tail to the end, small narrow erect ears. Scottish Strights have a muscular graceful body and not very long strong limbs with tightly compressed fingers. Males, as a rule, are much larger than females: an adult cat weighs on average 4 kg, and a cat - 3-3.5 kg. The head is rounded due to a convex forehead and round cheeks. The profile is straight, the back of the nose is slightly concave. The chin does not protrude very much, but the neck is short. All Scottish certainly have large, expressive, widely spaced eyes. The color may be different, depending on the color of the coat. The wool is plush to the touch, it has a thin double texture.

Some of the features considered by the British to be worthy of the Scottish Straits are disadvantages, such as a flat forehead or a noticeable stop of the nose


How to determine the thoroughbredness of a cat
The Scottish Straits, like all ScottishCats, very accommodating and peaceful nature. They are balanced and attached to the house and the owners. Kittens of this breed are playful, but at the same time obedient, they are easily accustomed to the tray and with proper upbringing they do not cause any trouble.

It is desirable to wean the kitten from the mother at the age of two and a half months

Scottish pryamouhie cats are intelligent and notVexed meow: they can cast their voice in very rare cases, for example, if they forgot to feed. They perfectly get along with other animals and are friends with young children, quickly get used to unfamiliar surroundings, are well-oriented in new places and are not nervous during cat shows and exhibitions. Nature has given Scottish Straits a sharp mind and savvy, but they are completely alien to aggression - it's only domestic decorative cats. In addition, they are extremely clean. If you get two such cats, they will regularly carefully lick each other.
Finally, it is worth noting such a uniqueA feature of Scottish, how to rest in unusual poses. The Internet is filled with funny videos with the participation of these charming pets, dormant on their backs or in the lotus position.

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