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WHAT boots in fashion today

What's hot boots

What boots fashionable to wear this year.



This year it is fashionable to wear boots with a pointed toe andsquare heel. These are the two main elements of the trend, but it does not mean you have to put a taboo on the other models. Shoes with rounded toe cap is also popular, and in some collections of fashionable even in a square toe boots.


Girls with long, slender legs perfectlysuitable boots, stockings. This, of course, the trend of last season, but it is also relevant in this year. Of course, this model is a bit different from the previous one. Boots, stockings became longer, so they can reach up to the knees, and even higher than that will remind tights if they wear a short skirt.


Also this year, fashionable boots to choose differentcolors. Now on the shelves of shoe stores provided a model of bright orange color, marsh, blue, beige and cream colors. It is worth noting that today, the boots are rather a separate element of the wardrobe, so will be significantly different from the style of your clothes. But it's very good, because you will look bright and attractive.


Another important element of boots this year, it isa thick heel in the seventies style, and boots on a high platform. This, incidentally, is very convenient for those who do not like high heels or insecure they hold. Or, for those who does a lot of hiking.

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