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What books wrote Lena Lenina

Lenin's book tells about the pressing issues of loneliness

Lena Lenina - known socialite of the Russian show business.

It is not just a beautiful woman, a journalist, actress, and author of many best-selling books in Russian and French.

The period of formation of the writer

Lenin was born and raised in a family of doctors. Her father was engaged in scientific work and developed a cure for cancer, and my mother was a cardiologist. The girl was diversified, studied several foreign languages, visited clubs. After high school, she entered the Geological and Geophysical Department of the University of Novosibirsk. But the study was interrupted due to the work of a model. Cases in the modeling business went up the hill. Soon it became a little girl pursuits. Lenin went to Moscow to try yourself as a presenter channel TVC. She entrusted the lead just two programs: "Paris revelation", "Business rush".

Moving to France

Lena Lenina decided to change their place of residence andHe moved to France. There she successfully settle, because behind him was a great experience in the advertising industry. Yes, and there was no language barrier, as Lenin studied French since high school.

At one period of time Lenin occupied status of the most popular Russian women in Paris.

Books Lena Lenina

In 2004, her first was releasedautobiographical book of the «Russian Cinderella," which once gained success and popularity, while living in a foreign country. «Perfection. Passion for excellence "- the first book, published in Russia in 2005. Lenin positions its creation as advice to all Russian women. They have always been famous for his intelligence, dedication and beauty. Lenin on the pages of his books, talks about how to achieve success in personal life and professional career.

"How to conquer any man", "How to make a career," "Sexual, or How to seduce any man" - a book-benefits from Lena Lenina.

Russian writer is not spared anddomestic life stars. In the book "showbiz Millionaire" tells the story of the life of popular singers, actors and parodist, who managed to get to Olympus fame.

In France and in Russia was released another book, which became a bestseller - Multimillionaires. This book is a powerful and influential people who were able to build your business and make billions.

On the shelves of bookstores received newpopular book writer - "revolution of love". Lenin tried to tell readers about male psychology, the "fixers love." This book should help single women to find the other half. Gaining a man can know his vulnerabilities. Also there you can find information that will help to diversify the usual life of a man.

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