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What books on painting for beginners

Draw everyone can!

Drawing is one of the most popular andfascinating hobby, which, moreover, could develop into an interesting and prestigious profession. There are many art schools, studios, clubs, where you can get the original art education.

However, due to territorial distance, age, lack of time, etc., to visit them can not all attend.

In this case, to help young artists can come to the book, designed for self-study drawing and painting.

Self-study painting - complex buta very exciting process. Helping newcomers to believe in themselves, discover their creative potential, to find an individual style and create his first work called to numerous publications, are designed specifically for emerging artists.

The most accessible books for beginners

The most understandable and accessible bookspainting for beginning artists include "The best lessons. Draw anything you want, "Ken Goldman," Drawing for the "Dummies" "Brands Hoddinott," Everyone can draw! First Steps "Ute Ludwig Kaiser," Draw it! Full painting course for beginners "by Peter Gray and Barber Barrington. All of these publications contain a simple, affordable for beginners task, allowing acquainted with the initial drawing techniques and learn different genres of art - from still life and landscape to portrait and the human figure image.

Painting: from the basics to understanding the profession

A kind of introduction into a drawing for beginnersis the book "Drawing. Fundamentals and Technology. Practical Course "ES Rozanova. In it you can find a brief history of the picture, to get acquainted with the materials, tools and basic techniques of drawing. A number of popular books offer a step by step method of teaching drawing, allowing, starting from scratch, to achieve a fairly high level. Among them - "Picture" Loren and Lisa Lenard Zharrett, "The Art of drawing" Bert Dodson, "The art of drawing. Primer artists' Amílcar Verdelli "Figure. Course for beginners ", edited by Francisco Asensio Server" Figure. Basic Course "Peter Stanera and Terry Rosenberg.
Who wishes to learn and drawing, and painting mayuse the following publications: "Painting. Full training "(authors - Jan Siduey Angela Ger, James Hartono, Patricia Monahan and Albany Wiseman)," Painting. Full course "Hazel Harrison," Painting. The first steps to mastery of the artist "Mike Chaplin. They explained in detail about all of the materials used and the techniques of drawing and painting, learning the technique of creating jobs in a variety of genres.
All of these books can help anyone who wishes to improve in the fascinating hobby, and perhaps - to make the first steps towards the development of an interesting creative profession.

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