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What is Vasilisa Volodina's book Astrology of seduction

Vasilisa Volodina</a>

"Astrology of seduction" - a book, the author of which was the famous TV presenter Vasilisa Volodina.

Writing books is not Vasilissa's main passion.

Her main profession is an astrologer.

In her book, she combined two approaches to explaining the relationship between men and women - astrological and psychological.

The advice of Vasilisa Volodina

In his book "Astrology of seduction" VasilisaVolodin presents readers a new approach to finding their second half and keeping it next to each other. The author categorically denies commercialism, considering the most ineffective methods of dating - sites, marriage agencies, or purposeful trips to places of entertainment. As an astrologer, Vasilisa assures women that a meeting with a chosen one should take place in a natural setting and be a so-called gift of fate.

The clients of Vasilisa Volodina are the most famous representatives of show business. Often, in various sources, you can see rave reviews about the predictions that have come true.

The author confirms his opinion with numerousAstrological forecasts. Virtual acquaintances and deliberate search for life associates are doomed to failure. And the so-called rapid marriage has the same characteristic. According to Vasilisa, every couple should have a period of romantic courtship and knowledge of each other.
In addition, in the book you can find a lot ofWise psychological advice on seducing men. Vasilisa argues that every woman should first of all think not of her own profit, but of the needs of her second half. Only by giving the chosen one the most comfortable relationship and showing himself from the very best aspects, a woman can be sure that the union will be strong and durable. And certain manners of behavior need to develop in themselves, not only at the initial stage of dating, but also try to keep them as the main character trait.
Vasilisa places great emphasis onIndividuality of each man. Each representative of the strong half of humanity has his own character, advantages and disadvantages, as well as preferences in choosing women. Girls should understand the thoughts and desires of the gentlemen, try to fully match the image that a man dreams about.

Stars about marriage

Thanks to numerous astrologicalObservations Vasilissa Volodina comes to the conclusion that the most optimal period for the official marriage is the anniversary of acquaintance. This is explained by a weighty fact. The fact is that for one calendar year the Sun passes a full circle, step by step in phases of all signs of the Zodiac. Each individual period influences a person. Watching your chosen one for one year, you can understand all the features of his character.

With her husband Vasilisa Volodina metAt his workplace. Having compiled the natal chart, the astrologer was very interested in a man who in all respects suited her for the role of a partner in life.

Fate and Natal Card

Particular attention in the book "Astrology of seduction"Is given to personal horoscopes. In order to enjoy the right man, you will have to change yourself and your character in advance. The natal chart can help in this. Thanks to the individual forecast of the stars, you will be able to find out what your elect should be, what interests he will have, and in what field of activity he will work. Thanks to these and many other data, each woman can make a certain plan of action that will help her not to turn fateful acquaintance into a fleeting acquaintance.
You can buy the book "Astrology of seduction" throughInternet or in specialized stores. In addition, you can get acquainted with the video lessons of Vasilisa Volodina, which are posted on the network and available to all comers.

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