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What book Vasilisa Volodina Astrology seduction

Vasilisa Volodina

"Astrology seduction" - the book, the author of which was the famous TV Vasilisa Volodina.

Writing - not the main hobby Vasilisa.

Her main profession - astrologer.

In her book, she has combined two approaches to the explanation of the relationship between men and women - the astrological and psychological.

Tips Vasilisa Volodina

In his book "Astrology seduction" VasilisaVolodin presents readers with a new approach to finding their second half and its retention side. Author categorically denied mercantile spirit, considering the most inefficient methods of dating - sites, marriage agencies or targeted campaigns in places of entertainment. As an astrologer, Vasilisa assures women that the meeting should take place with the elect in a natural setting and have a so-called gift of fate.

Clients Vasilisa Volodina are the most famous representatives of show business. Often, different sources can be seen rave reviews about the forecasts come true.

His opinion is confirmed by numerous authorastrological predictions. Virtual dating and deliberate search for life partners are doomed to failure. Moreover, the same feature has a so-called quick marriage. According Vasilisa, the period of romantic courtship and knowledge of each other to be each pair.
In addition, in the book you'll find a lot ofwise psychological seduction tips for men. Vasilisa claims that every woman must first of all not to think about their own benefit, and its second half needs. Only handpicked providing the most comfortable relationship and to show their best side, a woman can be assured that the Union will be strong and durable. Moreover, certain manners we must develop not only the initial stage of dating, but try to keep them as the main character traits.
Vasilisa places great emphasis onevery man personality. Each representative of a strong half of mankind its own character, its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as preference in the selection of women. Girls need to understand the thoughts and desires gentlemen, try to fully comply with that form, which dreams of a man.

Stars of marriage

Thanks to the many astrologicalObservations Vasilisa Volodina concludes that the most appropriate period for the formal conclusion of marriage is the anniversary of dating. The reason for this significant fact. The fact that in one calendar year the sun comes full circle, entering gradually phase in all the zodiac signs. Each individual period affects humans. Watching his elect, within one year, you will be able to understand all the aspects of his character.

With her husband met Vasilisa Volodinaat his workplace. Having made a natal chart, the astrologer was very interested in a man who in all respects suited to her role in life.

Fate and natal chart

Particular attention in the book "Astrology seduction"paid personal horoscopes. In order to enjoy the necessary man, you have to change yourself and advance your character. To help in this can the natal chart. Due to the individual forecast of the stars, you can learn how to be your partner, what his interests are, in any sphere of activity it will work. Through these and many other data, every woman can make a specific plan of action that will help her not to turn a crucial meeting in fleeting.
Buy the book "Astrology seduction" is possible throughonline or in specialty stores. You can also see a video lesson Vasilisa Volodina, which are laid out in a network and available to everyone.

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