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WHAT are blue chips?


What are blue chips?</a>

"Blue chips" (blue-chip) are called shares of the largest liquid companies with a stable yield.

The term "blue chips" came to the stock market from the casino, where they have the greatest value.

Distinctive features of blue chips

Particular attention of investors to the "blue chips"Is due to the fact that they usually act as an indicator of the market. It is believed that with the rise in the value of blue chip stocks, the prices for second tier stocks (which have less liquidity) should also show positive dynamics, while falling - the price of shares of smaller companies will proportionally decrease.
Shares of blue chips are considered more reliable,Which is due to the special key status of these companies in the country's economy. At the same time, the yield on such shares, although stable, has a general upward trend, but on average is lower than in the second tier.
Commonly recognized criteria by which sharesCompanies are classified as blue chips are absent. As a rule, they include shares of the largest companies with positive dynamics of development. The advantage of "blue chip" shares is their high liquidity. This means that the investor can at any time buy or sell them on the stock exchange without losing value. With these securities, a large number of transactions occur daily and there are always buyers on them.
The number of blue chips in each countrySmall, because They include only the most famous, highly profitable and stable companies. But the share of their shares in the stock markets is higher, which is due to the fact that among the companies of the second echelon, shares are rarely traded on the free market.
It is possible to distinguish other distinctive features of the "blue chips":
- a company of large capitalization (an indicator that reflects the value of all shares on the market), often are monopolists in their field-
- such companies are transparent, safe and understandable for investors, because Provide all financial statements in an open access-
- they are characterized by stable growth in the lastPeriod, their shares are correctly valued by the market without overstating or understating the value-thus, the determining factor in the growth of stocks is not speculation, but the real dynamics of the financial results of the company-
- they regularly and steadily pay dividends, cherish their reputation and do not violate the rights of minority shareholders.

Examples of blue chips

In Russia, the number of blue chips includesThe largest companies from various sectors of the economy. Among them, the oil and gas industry (Gazprom, Tatneft, Transneft, Rosneft, Lukoil, Surgutneftegaz, NOVATEK) - the banking sector (Sberbank, VTB) - the telecommunications industry (Rostelecom, MTS) - retail (Magnit) - metallurgy (Norilsk Nickel). Also in the number of Russian blue chips are also Uralkali and AFK Sistema.
MICEX on the basis of the value of transactions with shares of the most liquid issuers of the stock market is calculated by the Blue-chip Index.
The composition of the index basket is reviewed quarterly on the basis of 4 liquidity indicators.

In the US, the "blue chips" form the Dow Jones index. These include Bank of America, Boeing, Coca-cola, Exxon Mobil, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Pfizer, Kraft Foods, McDonalds.

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