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WHAT is the flowering of water


What is the flowering of water</a>

A week ago, the water in the pond was absolutely transparent, it was clearly visible on the bottom of the pebble and small fish scurrying between them.

And in your present visit the whole surface turned green. "The water has blossomed," they say in such cases.

Causes of flowering water

There is such in the territory of Russia, asRule, in late July - early August. The flowering of water is caused by excess in the reservoir of nutrients, especially phosphorus. High concentration of phosphates causes growth and abundant reproduction of the smallest unicellular algae. Movable green and blue-green algae (Volvocineae and Cyanophyceae) color the water in bright or dark green, yellowish-greenish and in blue-green colors. A seaweed of the group Porphyridium cruentum Naegeli can give the water an eerie blood-red color. True, this happens with small rain puddles - in larger reservoirs this pigment is barely noticeable.

Flowering of water is usually characteristic of freshwaterPonds - lakes, old men, filled with large ditches, as well as swimming pools, where the water is standing. Sometimes the phenomenon of flowering of water is also noted in sea bays and inlets with slightly salty water.
The longer and more intensive the process continuesFlowering of water, the less dissolved oxygen remains in the reservoir. This often leads to the formation of freezing zones, when water insects and many fish begin to mass die. In addition, neurotoxins, which in the process of hydrocenosis produce some species of algae, are poisonous, and in large quantities pose a serious threat to the wildlife of the reservoir.

Flowering water in the aquarium

If you put a jar with a normal tapWater on the window, well lit by the sun during the day, then after 1.5 - 2 weeks the water in it will turn green. In the aquarium, in addition to fish and other inhabitants placed in it, there are microorganisms and beneficial bacteria that participate in the process of biological equilibrium. They inhibit the development of putrefactive bacteria, processing the remains of fodder and the allocation of fish. Despite this, if you do not interfere with the natural biological process, the water in the aquarium will also bloom. And it can happen in the winter. The reasons for the flowering of water in the aquarium may be excessive light and overfeeding of the inhabitants, as a result of which the bacteria do not have time to process the remains of food. The consequences affect the health of fish and other inhabitants.
To prevent flowering, it is necessary toDo every 2 weeks to change 1/5 of the volume of water to fresh and collect putrefactive deposits from the ground. And the larger the aquarium, the less it is required to perform these procedures.

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