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WHAT birds sing

What birds are singing

Bird singing is one of the sounds, the most pleasant for people.

Strange and uncomfortable look to our planet if suddenly suddenly stopped all these trills, whistling, chirping.

What kind of bird are considered good songstress in a great diversity of birds?

The beautiful singing of birds gives a person the momentAesthetic pleasure. Not by chance a good singer still can respectfully call Kursk nightingale. Make sounds are almost all birds. This occurs due to vibration membranes located at the junction of the trachea and bronchi. However, such is not always the sound is beautiful and melodic. For example, a raucous cawing of crows is hardly like any man. A shrill, unpleasant cries of peacocks are a stark contrast to their wonderful appearance. Just like in the cartoon about Baron Munchausen, who decided to get hold of this "wonder-bird, which, according to the plumage must sing beautifully." Therefore, birds are able to publish melodic sounds pleasant to the human ear, are called "singing." Most songbirds in the unit "Passerine". It is the most numerous group, numbering about 5400 species. Birds belonging to it, are characterized by small to medium in size, and are divided into two major groups: insectivorous and granivorous. By granivorous songbirds include, for example, siskin, goldfinch, canary, crossbill. Their singing is not as diverse as those of insectivorous. It is more dramatic, sometimes even rude. These birds are usually easy to get used to captivity and quickly begin to eat there. Insectivorous songbirds - Nightingale, starling, robin, warbler, Bluethroat, thrush, warbler, oriole and others. Their singing is much more varied and melodic. They are harder to get used to captivity and did not immediately begin to eat the finished feed. Among these birds are excellent imitators. First of all, it refers to the starlings, which are capable of an exceptionally high accuracy to reproduce the sounds of other birds, even such large, like a crane, for example. Budgies (especially males) do not formally belong to songbirds, but too often, and very well sung. This usually indicates a good mood or a bird that she wants to talk with the owner. In wildlife birds sing most active during the nesting and hatching eggs. When the chicks hatch, the singing becomes much more rare, and after the chicks leave the parental nest, it is in many cases at all stops. True, some sedentary birds sing all year round. In some cases, a bird (for example, red-haired warbler) can simultaneously play two melodies.

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