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WHAT birds and mammals breed only in winter


Most of the animals breed in the warmer months, when the sun warms the air enough, and there are a lot of food.

However, some animals give birth to babies only in the winter, causing surprise not only ordinary people, but scientists and zoologists.

Klestil - the frost bird

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This small bird, a relative of a bullfinch,interested in its beak. Its ends are crossed and act on each side - this "tool" is very easy to get seeds from conifer cones that are the main food crossbill. Unlike many other animals, crossbill begin to breed in February, when there are the most severe frosts. This is due to the fact that February is particularly rich harvest of conifer cones.
Females build nests insulated and warmborn babies to their thick down. Furthermore, chicks sufficiently resistant to frost - even okochenev up half-dead state, they quickly warmed in a warm environment and continue normal activities.

Klestov Chicks are born with a straight beak and some time not able to produce their own food.

Emperor Penguin - accustomed to cold

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Despite the fact that live in cold penguinsAntarctica, and in general are accustomed to sub-zero temperatures, the majority of their species still reproduces in spring and summer, when it's a little warming. However, Emperor penguins - the largest species - lay eggs in the fall, and the chicks hatch in the middle of the Antarctic winter. The average temperature in this period - 40-50 ° C below zero, and coming to Antarctica gusty north wind.
The female penguin lays only one egg,which then puts on his paws and covers the thick folds of fat. The period of such duty lasts for about 2 months, during which time the females do not eat anything. They then pass the egg males themselves go on the hunt for fish, lasting three months. To return to the female baby is hatched.

Emperor Penguin chick finds his voice and only feeds it.

White and brown bears - breeding in winter

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Both of these bears characterized in thatthe birth of their babies occurs in winter. Females begin to dig their dens in the fall, and then retire there for three to five months. The cubs are born in winter. At first, they are helpless, blind and deaf, but after 3 months Young able to feed not only milk, but also ordinary adult food.
Bears reproduce slowly. Females start to produce offspring with an average of 6 years and births occur once every 2-4 years. For once born no more than three babies, who often die of hunger or as a result of clashes with adult males. Therefore, brown and polar bears are listed as endangered.

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