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What better to invest

At that it is better to invest

Money must work, not to lie under her pillow.

Even if the amount of free attachment will not bring big profits, the benefits will be, if only in the fact that the money will not depreciate gradually in line with inflation.

Bank deposits

The easiest method of investing -the use of bank deposits. It does not require any additional knowledge and complex documents, simply open a personal bank account and deposit the required amount to him. The amount of contribution that can be made without risk of losing their savings, is 700 m. p. - It is exactly the same amount you get back in the event of the bank's financial difficulties. Please note that such a guarantee is given, not all banks, but only those that are associated respective obligations under the contract on the state deposit insurance. If the free amount is large enough for you, you can take additional security measures - to divide it into several pieces and put in different banks with equal conditions for the deposit.
The use of bank deposits is notIt provides a high yield of the deposit - for the year amount in the account grows by an average of 10%. Thus, the profit from this investment of money will be the greater, the later may want to close the account and take the capital. The advantage is the possibility of bank deposits to invest not only in rubles and in foreign currency, benefiting from changing its course.


Another way to make the money work - investthem in action. Buy these securities can be both independently and using the services of a broker. If you decide to do without a mediator, it is necessary to carefully study the stock market to benefit the attachment. First of all, read the analysts' forecasts, based on which we can determine how risky you will buy vending securities. Do not try to increase your capital several times in a single operation: a sharp rise in prices for shares of a company often ends up in the same swift and rapid decline. More chances to profit from those who buy shares whose value is growing slowly but steadily.
And remember that the beginner who does not havesufficient experience of gambling, it is difficult to compete with the professionals. Therefore, to acquire shares should be gradually, slowly - then the investment of money in securities justify itself.

The property

Investment property - one of the mostreliable ways to not only maintain but also to increase capital. Property prices vary by stable growth, so after a few years you can get for your purchase of a good profit. In addition, the purchased housing can start earning money immediately after the conclusion of the transaction - it can be leased. You can buy not only the apartment or a country house, but an empty land, especially if it is located in an area in high demand.

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