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In what is better to invest money


What is the best way to invest money</a>

Money should work, and not lie under the pillow.

Even if the investment of a free amount does not bring a big profit, the benefit will consist at least in the fact that the money will not gradually depreciate as inflation increases.

Bank deposits

The simplest method of investing capital -Use of bank deposits. For this, no additional knowledge and complex documents are required, it is enough just to open a personal account in the bank and make the necessary amount. The amount of the contribution that can be made without the risk of losing their savings is 700 thousand rubles. - this is exactly the amount you will definitely get back in case the bank has financial difficulties. Please note that such a guarantee is not provided by all banks, but only those that are related by the relevant obligations under the contract on state deposit insurance. If the free amount for you is large enough, you can take additional security measures - divide it into several parts and invest in different banks with equal deposit conditions.
Use of bank deposits is notProvides a high profitability of the deposit - for the year the amount on the account grows by an average of 10%. Thus, the profit from such an investment of money will be the more, the later you want to close the account and take back the capital. The advantage of bank deposits is the ability to invest money not only in rubles, but also in currency, benefiting from a change in its rate.


Another way to make money work is to investThem in the action. You can buy these securities both independently and by using the services of a broker. If you decide to do without an intermediary, you will have to carefully study the stock market, so that the investment will benefit. First of all, read the forecasts of analysts, based on which you can determine how risky it will be to buy securities that you like. Do not try to multiply capital several times in one operation: a sharp rise in the price of shares of a company often ends with a swift and equally rapid fall. More chances to make a profit from those who acquire shares, the value of which is growing slowly but steadily.
And remember that a newbie who does not possessSufficient experience of playing on the stock exchange, it is difficult to compete with professionals. Therefore, to acquire shares should be gradually, little by little - then investing money in securities will justify itself.

The property

Investing in real estate is one of the most importantReliable ways not only to preserve, but also to increase capital. Real estate prices are characterized by stable growth, so after a few years you can gain a good profit for your acquisition. In addition, the purchased housing can begin to generate income right after the conclusion of the transaction - it can be leased. You can buy not only apartments or country houses, but also empty land, especially if it is located in a place that is in high demand.

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