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WHAT better sun blinds

What better sun blinds

Today, shutters are experiencing a new peak of its popularity, because they are leaders in the part of the aesthetic appearance and protection from sunlight.

The modern market offers a wide selection of different blinds - so how do you choose from a range of the best model that maximum protection from the sun?

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds can be moved left, rightor from the center, completely opening the window glass. The most convenient solution is a venetian blind shear angle that will not interfere with the normal opening of the window sashes - for example, a model with slats, going to the middle of the window from the edge. The width of the fabric or plastic slats of vertical blinds is 89 or 127 mm

The larger the area of ​​the window, the greater the width should have slats that proportions of the room is completely preserved.

Vertical blinds can be rotated, therebyadjusting the illumination of a certain part of the room. They protect against sun space fairly well, however, in comparison with the horizontal blinds, their performance is still slightly lower. Aesthetic and design features of vertical blinds allow you to use them in any type of interior, and in combination with both wooden and plastic windows. In the kitchen, it is desirable to set the washable model of special glass, water repellent, while for the other rooms are perfect stylish bamboo blinds or elegant jacquard fabric.

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal aluminum blinds perfectlyprotect from the sun, reflecting its rays, and without leaving the slightest slits for their penetration into the room. These blinds can be installed on top of the glass, and between the wooden window frames. Management for internal installation of horizontal blinds discharged to the outside of window profiles. They look great in the living room and in the kitchen unit. In addition, horizontal blinds are often installed in business offices and industrial buildings.

The only drawback of horizontal blinds is not easy management, which often breaks down under the influence of forces.

The width of the slats of the blinds model rangesfrom 16 to 25 millimeters. Select the most appropriate option should be, focusing on the overall area of ​​the window to save the harmonious proportions of the room, and taking into account the degree of illumination of the building. Typically, aluminum horizontal blinds bright colors installed in the functional areas, while blinds with wooden slats more profitable look in the living rooms, offices or classrooms, because they give them a more cozy and lived-in look.

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