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Keychain car alarm

After purchasing the car, many newly minted owners think about its security, because the hijacking threat to anyone, even the most inexpensive cars.

Therefore, immediately after purchase in order to save your nerves and movable property is set on the car reliable car alarm.

Well chosen car alarm will notOnly by means of the hijackers, but also be able to expand the functions of the car. Modern security system is able to add such an option not provided by the design of the machine, such as the engine autostart, the possibility of opening (closing) doors at a distance, Auto-windows when the alarm is turned on, avtozapiranie doors while driving and many others.

Some types of alarm can control the engine temperature and battery voltage.

Before installation is to determine what the optimal set of functions performed by the alarm, you need a specific owner of the car.


Signaling the market right now can be foundmany different models, which differ from each other. To find a good choice for yourself, not purchase a useless product, you must be aware of these differences and possibilities of each model.
Now car owners are used transponder, mechanical, biometrics, satellite, radiopoiskovye and electronic alarm.
Transponder car alarms block accessto the car while attempting to hijack and internal sensor notifies the owner. Mechanical means of blocking the transmission, steering wheel and hood, making it impossible to steal a car. Biometric alarm work with human fingerprints or voice, scanning their embedded electronic systems.
Satellite and radio systems offerthe ability to quickly locate the car, thanks to its built-in sensors. Electronic alarm when trying to hijack, dragging or hitting the car, the system blocks all responsible for the movement of the machine.

The best models of car alarms

The most popular and, in the opinion of car owners,reliable car alarm in the Russian market at the moment is StarLine Twage A91 with a two-way, interactive authorization and individual encryption keys.
Second place takes on demand alarm Scher-Khan MAGICAR 7, made in Taiwan, with two-way communication and the ability to autorun.
Pandora DeLuxe 1870 the Russian company AlarmTrade, at a relatively young market car alarm, well established and has won customers by high quality work at a low price. The model is equipped with protection against electronic hacking and is characterized by long-range warning.

The average price of a car alarm with a standard set of functions is around 2000-5000 p., And installing it can cost a minimum of 1,500 p.

Car alarm - not a panacea for the hijackers. It is best to apply the proceeds from the theft in the complex to be sure of a high protection of the iron horse. Therefore, the choice of car alarm should be taken very seriously.

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