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What is betrayal?


What is betrayal?</a>

Most people in their lives have to face betrayal.

An unpleasant sense of deception does not leave for a long time, especially if the traitor was a close friend.

To not be lost, experiencing this difficult stage of life, you need to better understand what to do if you are betrayed.

Deception and betrayal: what is the difference

Betrayal is a violation of fidelity andOath, once given in his right mind. Deception and betrayal separately have different semantic nuances. It is not so important how these concepts of the encyclopedia are interpreted, the vital understanding of these words is much more important.
If you sell a substandard product or someoneFrom acquaintances will tell a fictitious story, then it is impossible to call such actions a betrayal. Rather, it is a simple deception, in the second case, even more a joke.
Betrayal has serious consequences. The fact is that a person who is not close to you, can not commit treachery, since his deception will not hurt your heart.

Cheated expectations

Often betrayal is confused with deceived hopes. The fact is that often there is a situation where one person expects another specific act from another, and he does not even know about it. As a result, the expectations of the first are deceived, and he pathetically declares his friend a traitor. Before loudly declaring treason, it is worth analyzing the situation. Perhaps this is your personal selfishness, not the offense of a friend.

The most famous betrayal

It is good to demonstrate an example of thisBetrayal can be a famous example from world history. And it happened in ancient Rome. Mark Junius Brutus, the Roman senator, was always considered a loyal friend and companion of Julius Caesar. But because of the desire to seize power, the senators arranged a conspiracy led by Brutus. As a result, Caesar died, struck by the sword of his "friend".
This story is reflected in the play of Shakespeare. It is interesting that the phrase "And you, Brutus?" Became popular after the production of the work on stage. Whether Caesar actually said it, is unknown.

Is it worth taking revenge

In religion, betrayal is treated asThe Fall. But do not forget that the thirst for revenge is in no way inferior to betrayal and deception in this sense. Having received a "knife in the back" from a loved one, it is very difficult to rehabilitate. It is only natural that you do not want to communicate with the abuser any more. That you swear never to trust anyone anymore. Any person is peculiar to go into despair and in a fit of anger speak nonsense.
But try to be patient. Literally a few days, and you will feel how the thoughts in your head begin to prevail over the senses. Analyzing the event, you will find that clue that will help to forgive. The question of forgiveness was raised in the works of Leo Tolstoy. Especially in Anna Karenina. An example of this story is that a person who has managed to throw offense from his heart will be sure to be happy. Strong people are always happy.

How to recognize a traitor

In connection with the fact that betrayal brings a lotPain, the question arises as to how you can save your life from people who can betray you. This question is difficult to answer. And if someone knew the answer to it, then the world has long been divided into two halves: traitors and happy ones. The fact is that not every person expects from himself that he can cause pain to someone close to him. More often, betrayal occurs unconsciously, and more often the "victim" itself urges to commit this act.
Therefore, firstly, you need to learn to understand people and not open the door to your inner world to everyone you meet. Secondly, treat carefully to your loved ones and do not injure other people's hearts.

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