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WHAT is a betrayal

What is betrayal

Most people in their lives have to deal with the betrayal.

The unpleasant feeling of deceit does not leave for a long time, especially if the loved one turned traitor.

In order not to get lost, surviving this difficult stage of life, you need a better understanding of what to do if you have been betrayed.

Deception and betrayal: what is the difference

Betrayal is called breach of loyalty andvows, once this sane. Deceit and treachery individually have different shades of meaning. Not as important as interpret these concepts encyclopedia, life is much more important understanding of these words.
If you sell low-quality goods or someonefrom acquaintances tell a fictional story, then call such actions can not be a betrayal. Rather, it is just a hoax, in the second case, even more than a joke.
Treason carries a heavy toll. The fact that a person who is not mentally you know, can not commit treason, as it is not much deception will touch your heart.

Failed expectations

Often confused with the betrayal betrayed hopes. The fact that there is often a situation where one person is waiting for another commission of a particular act, and he did not even realize. In the end, waiting for the first deceived, and he announces his pathetic friend traitor. Before so loudly declare treason, is to analyze the situation. Perhaps it is your own self-interest, rather than the other offense.

The most famous betrayal

Good example to demonstrate thisbetrayal may famous example of world history. And it happened in ancient Rome. Marcus Junius Brutus, a Roman senator, has always been a loyal friend and ally of Julius Caesar. But because of the desire to seize power, senators conspired, led by Brutus and stood up. As a result, Caesar was killed, struck by the sword of his "friend".
This history is reflected in Shakespeare's play. An interesting fact is that the phrase "And you, Brutus?" Became airborne after setting works on stage. Whether it pronounce Caesar in fact, it is not known.

Should I take revenge

The betrayal of religion is treated asFall. But do not forget that revenge does not yield betrayal and deception in this sense. Having received the "knife in the back" of a loved one, it is very difficult to rehabilitate. It is natural that you do not want to communicate more with the abuser. What swear never to trust no more. Any person can go into despair and in a fit of anger talking nonsense.
But try to be patient. Just a few days, and you will feel like the thoughts in your head begin to dominate the senses. Analyzing what happened, you will find the clue that will help to forgive. The issue of forgiveness was raised in the works of Leo Tolstoy. Especially in "Anna Karenina." Example of the story says that the person who was able to throw out of his heart hurt, sure to be happy. Strong people are always happy.

How to recognize Traitor

Due to the fact that brings a lot of betrayalpain, the question arises, how to save their lives from the people who are able to bring you. This question is difficult to answer. And if someone knew the answer, then the world has been divided into two halves: the traitors and happy. The fact that not even everyone expects from him, that he might hurt someone from relatives. Most betrayal happens unconsciously, and even more "sacrifice" itself pushed to commit this act.
Therefore, firstly, the need to learn to understand people and not to open the door to your inner world to everyone you meet. Second, be treated carefully to know and not to hurt other people's hearts.

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