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In Russia there are a few privileged categories of citizens.

This World War II veterans, home front workers, juvenile prisoners of Nazi concentration camps, veterans of special risk units, veterans of labor and other.

For each category, its benefits are installed.

Who can get the title of "Veteran of Labor"

Benefits are provided according to labor veterans"On veterans' law. To get this rank, you need a certain length of service. If, for example, the man worked for 25 years, and a woman - 20, the title can be awarded, subject to additional conditions. Such conditions may be the state awards, which are awarded for outstanding achievements in labor, departmental insignia and honors, awarded to the Russian Federation, the USSR, the RSFSR and other Soviet republics. Those who began his career during the Great Patriotic War and served 40 and 35 years, the title of "Veteran of Labor" can get simply by application submitted to the committee of social protection.

Free prosthetics

The title of "Veteran of Labor" is appropriated not onlypensioners. But some of the benefits a person can use only after he retires. This, for example, the privilege to free the manufacture of dental prostheses, as well as for their repair. But to repair dentures can not in any clinic, but only the one with which the municipality signed a contract. Typically, this dental clinic or office where they live. Veteran of Labour has the right and on the free provision of hearing aids. This benefit is also available in the community.

Benefits to transport

The honorary title "Veteran of Labor" and gives the right toreduced fare on public transport. As veterans of labor are federal benefit, ride free on public transport they can in any Russian city. Working labor veteran is entitled to paid annual leave at a convenient time for him, as well as to additional leave of 30 days without content. labor veterans have the right to free travel by all types of urban transport. Exception - taxis, for which the benefits do not apply. Since the federal exemption, it applies to all settlements of Russia. In addition, the labor veteran can ride for free on a suburban road and rail transport. Getting transport benefits are not dependent on the region in which the veteran lives. If there are seasonal tariffs for water and railway commuter traffic, the holder of the honorary title pays 50%.

Benefits for housing

A significant benefit is provided and paymenthousing. Veteran of labor compensation in the amount of 50% for housing and utilities. It should be noted that the costs are compensated only in the absence of debt on utility bills. If the veteran is living in a communal apartment, compensation is available to pay for living space within the social norm. Veteran of Labour is entitled to benefits to pay radio receiving and collective TV aerial. It does not matter, a veteran lives in the apartment privatized, under the terms of the municipal or departmental social rent.

Regional benefits

In some regions, labor veteransprovides additional benefits. For example, in Moscow, this category of citizens monthly allowance is paid from the city budget, as well as free travel on the suburban railway transport. In St. Petersburg, the holder of the honorary title can buy a discount ticket for the use of all types of land passenger transport and a ticket for the metro. In some regions, there is a similar honorary titles - eg, "Labor Veteran of the Leningrad region." Benefits for this category of citizens set by the Government of the region.

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