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What benefits have single mothers?

What are the benefits from the single mothers?

More and more single-parent families are found in Russia.

But the majority of women who find themselves in a difficult situation, do not realize the existence of benefits laid them under the law.

Status single mothers

Under current law, a single mother - a woman who gave birth out of wedlock (adopted) child, if it was not established who is his father.

A woman may be married and be a single mother if the child's birth certificate is not the father, to the moment when her husband did not adopt a child.

Not recognized as single mothers:
- Women bringing up a child alone and do not receive alimony from his father-
- Women who have given birth to a child after divorce (for three hundred days), unless it is determined that the former spouse is not the father of baby-
- Widow, bringing up a child alone dead supruga-
- Mothers of children if their father was deprived of parental rights.

The list of benefits for single mothers

The law envisages allocationState linen sets for newborns, as well as free baby food and milk (until 2 years). Mothers also receive a monthly gosposobie the child.

Child allowance for unemployed mothers is 1873.10 p. (16 years) for employees - 40% of average earnings.

For children up to 3 years old single mother should receivecompensation for the increasing cost of food and life (in Moscow, they make up 675 and 750 p., respectively), full support and free medicine.
Single mothers have the rights to an extraordinary admission of the child to the kindergarten, as well as a 50% benefits for its payment.
Subsequently, the children of single mothers receivebenefits to pay for the specialized schools (art, music, sports, etc.). Students are provided with free meals. Also, a single mother of a year could send the child for treatment at a sanatorium or in a summer camp.
According to the labor legislation of a single motherare entitled to additional unpaid leave (up to 14 days) at any convenient time, and the 100% paid sick leave for child care until the age of fourteen.
Also, a single mother has no right to involve outside working hours (weekends and holidays).
They can not be dismissed until the child reaches the age of fourteen, they also do not fall under the downsizing. At the head of the liquidation of the company is obliged to employ a lone mother.
Are single mothers, and tax deductions in the amount of 2 tys.r. per child under 18 years.
In some regions, a single mother may qualify for other grants. For example, to compensate for a certain part of the payment of utility costs.

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