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How are the benefits of single mothers?


What are the benefits of single mothers?</a>

Increasingly, there are incomplete families in Russia.

But the majority of women who found themselves in a difficult situation, do not know about the availability of benefits that they are legally entitled to.

Status of a single mother

According to the current legislation, a single mother is a woman who, without marriage, gave birth (adopted) the child, if it was not established who is his father.

A woman can be married and be a single mother if the father's birth certificate is absent in the child's birth certificate, until the child is adopted by her spouse.

Not recognized as single mothers:
- women, independently raising a child and not receiving alimony from his father-
- women who gave birth to a child after the dissolution of the marriage (within three hundred days), unless it is established that the former spouse is not the father of the child-
- widows who independently bring up the child of the deceased spouse-
- mothers of children if their father is deprived of parental rights.

List of benefits for single mothers

The legislation provides for the allocation ofState sets of underwear for newborns, as well as free baby food and milk (until reaching 2 years). Mothers also receive a monthly child welfare allowance.

Child allowance for unemployed mothers is 1873.10 p. (Up to 16 years), for employees - 40% of the average earnings.

For children under 3 years, a single mother must receiveCompensation for the increasing value of products and life (in Moscow they are 675 and 750 rubles, respectively), natural assistance and free medicines.
Single mothers have the right to an extraordinary enrollment of the child in kindergarten, as well as 50% of the benefits for his payment.
Subsequently, children of single mothers receivePrivileges for payment of specialized schools (art, music, sports, etc.). The schoolchildren are provided with free meals. Also, every year a single mother can send a child for treatment to a sanatorium or summer camp.
Under the labor legislation of a single motherHave the right to additional unpaid leave (up to 14 days) at any convenient time, as well as 100% payment of sick leave for child care up to fourteen years.
Also, a single mother does not have the right to engage in work outside of working hours (weekends and holidays).
They can not be dismissed until the child reaches fourteen, they also do not fall under the reduction of staff. When the company is liquidated, the head must employ a single mother.
There are single mothers and tax deductions in the amount of 2 thousand rubles. For a child under 18 years of age.
In some regions, single mothers can apply for other subsidies. For example, to compensate a certain part of the cost of payment for utility services.

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