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What benefits are labor veterans

What benefits are labor veterans

The title of "Veteran of Labor", which existed as early asThe Soviet Union, it was decided to maintain and after its collapse. It was confirmed by the new federal legal act - the Law "On Veterans» №5-FZ dated 12.01.1995g.

This title is awarded after retirement.

In addition to the badge, confirming the length of employment, it provides benefits, which may be expressed in a tangible form, and in terms of money.

Who can get the title of "Veteran of Labor"

Article 7 of the law on veterans to the veteransthe labor of those who, being minors began his career in the period from 1941 to 1945 during World War II and have worked for at least 35 years for women and 40 years - for men. Due to natural causes such citizens have left very little. The bulk of the labor veterans are those who are under the law, have different labor medals and orders, honors and departmental awards. For the title, in addition to these jewels, required total length of service required for the clearance of old-age pension.
Seniority, which is necessary to obtainthis title is set by the legislative bodies of the Federation, where the veteran resides. The size of benefits for federal and regional labor veterans identical, but their composition can vary each year, depending on the appropriate level of budget options.

The benefits provided to veterans of labor

To qualify for benefits, you mustIt is awarded this title, as evidenced by the document - a certificate of "Veteran of Labor". Being in possession of this certificate, you can look forward to free medical care in state and municipal health care institutions.
In 2014, the range of benefits provided forfederal and regional veterans includes free manufacture and repair of dentures, excluding cermets and precious metals, in state and municipal dental clinics. In that case, when you are still working under an employment contract, you must provide the next holiday at any time convenient for you, and, in addition, you have the right to take leave without pay for 30 days in a year. You are also provided with free travel on any public transport other than taxis in any region of Russia and the village, this includes road trip long-distance and commuter routes. At the time of seasonal tariffs, you can pay only 50% of the fare train.
For veterans of labor there is a 50% discount onpayment of the total area of ​​the apartment in which you live together with your family or alone. Utility bills, you also have the right to pay only half the amount, regardless of the type of housing.

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