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WHAT Beliefs

What Beliefs

Beliefs are called attitude towards the world in general.

This life position is critical to the strategy of behavior that subconsciously elect people.

Thanks to someone copes with difficulties, while others fall apart.

Active and passive

It is not that vital position issome congenital factor. Many aspects of it define the conditions in which a person's childhood, the examples he met. Beliefs acquires concrete form in the same way as a person, that person realizes at once. Nevertheless, although the nature and impact on the individual and on the stance, consciously, you can change and that, and another.
Active in the vital position determineshow much the person is successful. He is brave and enterprising, is not afraid of work and willing to active challenges. It does not matter whether a person with this position leader or follower, he always has his point of view and does not agree to violate its principles.
The opposite is passive in propertieslife position. It is typical for the indifferent and inert people. Such a person is more inclined to avoid the difficulties of the week to resolve them. Passivity can be manifested not only in apathetic and depressed, though more often for such people and is characterized by lack of initiative in solving problems. It happens that a person simply follows the instructions of a stranger, not questioning them. Some people give the appearance of passive activity, they fuss and noise, but the lack of vector behavior gives their inhibitions.
Some people become passive duevital disorders. In this case, the passivity often associated with aggression in a more active associates, showing a desire to reason with people and "bring up correctly," those who are not resigned, like him, with setbacks.

Proactive life position

Another subtype is vital positionproactivity. Indeed, it happens that circumstances are against man, and he can not currently do. Even active nature sometimes gives up under the pressure of problems. But a proactive person never gives up.
Associated with Proactive such a thing as a sphereeffect. There are things for which you are unable to influence, but there are others who are directly dependent on you. No matter how small your sphere of influence, you should direct efforts on it and on its expansion. Think and wasting time on something that does not depend on you, it is meaningless. This seems obvious, but most people act differently. For example, think of how often people around you complain or criticize the government weather. If you now can not change it, do not waste energy on it. It is certain that there are things that you can afford to: to do as much as possible that it depends on you, what you do now.
Acting in accordance with this rule, proactive people out of the crisis faster and with fewer losses.
The most important thing is to understand: your position in life depends entirely on you. Even if you sometimes showed passivity, you can still start to behave actively or proactively right now, and this decision will never be too late.

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