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Beer belongs to one of the most ancient of low alcoholic drinks, which was used in ancient Egypt.

Today, beer is in great demand in most countries of the world, which leads to its production in large volumes.

However, not all varieties of the drink are of high quality and good taste.

Live unfiltered and filtered beer

Quality live beer is made fromnatural malt, hops and special beer yeast and water. And the water, many self-respecting brewers usually use from artesian wells. Brewing beer is a multistep process that can last from 1.5 to 3 hours. But the result is a delicious drink of living, having a little unclear because of the color balance of brewer's yeast.
The value of such a beverage is that it hasIt comprises a fresh taste and nutrients. However, it is stored for a brief period - after only a few hours of live beer begins to change its taste. And in the sealed state can be stored only for 7 days, after which it will already be treated as expired. Brewed in compliance with all standards of living beer it is considered to be not only the most delicious, but also the most rewarding.

Such a beer in Russia is most often sold in winter, when demand for it is small. It can also be found in cafes, restaurants and breweries Czech Republic and Germany.

However, to make it profitable, so thisbeer is often subjected to filtration. As a result of this process, the beer loses yeast residues and becomes a light amber color. It kept the beer is a little longer - about a month, but it loses on the content of useful substances unfiltered.

Quality live beer is not cheap, becausemanufacturer unprofitable to sell it at a low price. The high cost, of course, is not a guarantee of great taste, but cheap price should make sure to give up beer.

Pasteurized beer

To increase the shelf life of beer manufacturerssubjected the filtered beverage pasteurization. This process involves heating the beer to about 80 ° C temperature, to destroy existing microorganisms therein, capable of reproduction.
As a result, the alcoholic beverage is not exactlyis nothing useful, but stored in bottles and cans a beer can in a few months. Its something most often can be found on store shelves. For this reason, bottled beer is much more harmful than the draft. In addition, the bottleneck, and the more the can hole contains a lot of bacteria.
Too cheap beer, masked under thefiltered pasteurized produced from water, alcohol and a synthetic powder. Therefore, the desire to save money on such a drink in the hope to buy more can lead to very dire consequences, up to poisoning.

Dark and light beer

The quality of these two kinds of beer is approximately the same,if the manufacturer strictly follows the production technology and uses natural ingredients. The only difference is in the taste, for dark roasted malt beer, so the color of the drink is a more saturated. And for the semi-dark beers, a mixture of roasted malt and conventional.

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