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WHAT is bb cream and how it works


What is bb cream and how does it work? </a>

The morning of a new day for most of the fair sex begins with the application of makeup.

Most of the time it takes to create the perfect face tone.

Moisturizing cream, foundation, blush, concealer - all these products can be replaced with one tube with BB cream.

The meaning of the abbreviation BB

BB-cream is a day cream with a wide spectrumAction that has a toning effect. There are several options for answering the question about what is behind the mysterious name of BB-cream. According to one of the versions, the abbreviation BB can be deciphered as a beauty base, i.e. "The basis for beauty." According to another version of BB, or blemish balm, it is translated as "balm from imperfections". In any case, this is a universal tool that helps to give the person a fresh, rested look, while masking various shortcomings, in the shortest possible time.

Functions of BB cream

A unique remedy, which is BB-cream,Perfectly moisturizes the skin of the face for the whole day. In addition, the cream contains a UV filter, so it can create a barrier between the epidermis and harmful sun rays. Another positive ability of BB cream is the ability to fight wrinkles and other age-related skin changes.
The tonal base, which is part of the BB-cream,Perfectly masks the smallest pimples, redness and other imperfections of the skin, and the matting components of the cream - allow a woman to fight with the appearance of a fat shine on her face. However, to achieve all the described effects, it is necessary to constantly use this product of cosmetics.

How Cream Works

The secret of such a multifaceted action of thisThe miracle cream lies in the ingredients that make up its composition. So, the light-reflecting particles help to achieve the effect of a rested shining skin, and tonal pigments make the tone of the face smooth and perfectly clean. Active components of the cream, such as collagen and plant extracts, are able to penetrate deep layers of the epidermis and affect the facial and age wrinkles, smoothing them from the inside.
Hyaluronic acid, tea tree extract andVitamin A destroy acne and other inflammatory formations. Another advantage of the described cream is its lightest breathing structure, thanks to which this product does not tighten the skin of the face, it is easily and evenly applied and hardly felt on the skin for a whole day.


As well as any complex agent, BB-creamUnable to combat all problems associated with the skin. This is a wonderful tool for morning make-up. However, for deeper skin care, which has age-related changes, it is necessary to resort to specialized creams, therapeutic masks and various serums.

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