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WHAT bb cream and how it works

What is bb cream and how it works

Morning of a new day for the majority of the fair sex starts with applying makeup.

Most of the time when it takes to create the perfect tone complexion.

Moisturizer, foundation, blush, concealer - all of these tools can be replaced by a single tube with a BB-cream.

Meaning BB abbreviations

BB-cream - Day Cream is a wide range ofaction with a tinted effect. There are several answers to the question of what lies behind the mysterious name BB-cream. According to one version, the abbreviation BB can be deciphered as beauty base, ie, "Base for beauty." According to another version of explosives or blemish balm, translated as "balm of imperfections." In any case, it is a universal tool that helps to give the face a fresh, rested appearance, masking with various defects, for the shortest possible time.

Functions BB-cream

Unique means, what is the BB-cream,perfectly moisturizes the skin throughout the day. In addition, the cream contains a UV filter, thereby capable of creating a barrier between the epidermis and the sun's harmful rays. Another positive ability BB-cream - the ability to fight wrinkles and other age-related skin changes.
Tonal basis, part of the BB-cream,perfectly masks tiny pimples, redness and other skin imperfections and matting cream components - allow a woman to deal with the appearance of oily shine on your face. However, to achieve all of the effects described by the need to constantly use this product cosmetics.

How does the cream

The secret of such a multi-faceted operation of thismiracle cream is what is included in its composition. Thus, the light-reflecting particles help to achieve the effect of relaxed radiant skin and tints make the tone of the face smooth and perfectly clean. The active components of the cream, such as collagen and plant extracts, can penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis and affect the mimic and age wrinkles, smoothing them from the inside.
Hyaluronic acid, and tea tree extractVitamin A destroy acne and other inflammatory education. Another advantage of the described cream is its lightest breathable structure, through which the tool does not contract the skin easily and uniformly applied and practically is not felt on the skin throughout the day.


As with any complex tool, BB-Creamunable to deal with all the problems associated with the skin. It is an excellent remedy for morning makeup. However, for a better skin care, having age-related changes, it is necessary to resort to using special creams, masks and a variety of therapeutic sera.

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