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Classic semi-circular bay window

The bay window in a modern house - good opportunityestablished in the original apartment interera- this architectural element contributes to the penetration of natural light into all corners of the room, giving the room a new look.

A further area allows to equip a separate cozy corner in the apartment.

The word "bay" - German, and has a double translation: "Lantern" or "ledge in the wall." For the first time this word is applied to the architecture began to be used in the Middle century-understood under the bay window ledge castle tower, which helps to improve the overview of the bottom of the lying area. Later architectural element was used in housing construction - only this time he served as a purely decorative function.

Modern oriel

It refers to an element of the facade of the building,passed on through the plane, and which is a part of the windows of the room. Sometimes it is fully glazed facade projection on the outside framed with wrought iron railing. A bay window allows to increase the living space, to improve the natural lighting of the room, to create an atmosphere of freedom in space. The protruding portion may be triangular, rectangular, circular, trapezoidal, multifaceted. This architectural refinement is actively used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings and facilities.
The design of the modern bay window is rather complicated: he architectural element is calculated at the stage of creating the project. This element of the architecture is placed within the floor or the entire height of the house. Glazing is done with plastic double-glazed windows, connected to each other fixture, which includes profiles, sliding systems. In addition to windows, construction is included in the base and roof, plus an additional wall. If they carry, then under them settling an independent foundation, if not - then serve as the basis console w / w plates.
Structurally, the bay can be configured aswall or corner element. The first option is considered to be more natural, since It creates a sense of continuation of the room and its relationship with the outside. Especially effectively looks a semicircular bay window of 270 degrees (or? The circle). Corner architectural element advisable to build in the northern regions where cloudy weather prevails. There bay scatters light well, helping it to penetrate to the farthest corners of the room.

Making bay

Special rules of registration are not important suschestvuet-to emphasize the main advantage of an architectural element - the ability to draw natural light. If the bay window is in the kitchen, you can arrange with him stolovoy- zone will create coziness and members of the household and guests. If a bay window in the living room, the area of ​​the window can be used as a place in the home theater, or issue is a soft corner for reading. Today there are many compositions for the effective execution bay - it all depends on the desire and taste of the apartment owner.

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