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WHAT bath convenient for newborn

Which tray more convenient for newborn

Bathe your child in an ordinary bath is very inconvenient to spend more water, thoroughly wash the surface with water after using herbal extracts, to make more effort to keep the baby.

Special baths are much more comfortable and safe, you only need to choose them properly.



Note the bath-coaster. This is perfect even for those parents who bathe the baby alone. The child comfortably arranged on the hill, as its form is designed with the features of the baby's body. There are two versions of the slides: fabric and plastic. Products of the first type are convenient only for the youngest kids, as larger infants rapidly begin to fall out of them. Plastic models more comfortable: as a rule, their design can be changed in accordance with the growth of the child, so you can make a pile of maximum comfort for the baby. This option is especially good if the baby likes to while bathing lie on your stomach.


Consider the option of anatomicbath with stand. It is complemented by the footrest, seat mini, recessed armrests and other elements, through which the child can be accommodated in a bath comfortably. These models are suitable for infants and for older kids. Due to the stand can be installed on the tub comfortable height for adults, and it also simplifies the process of bathing. Please note only that such products are not suitable for children who like to splash around, lying on his stomach. But kids, I love baths with herbs and other additives, such a thing will certainly enjoy.


Consider also the classic baths for children. They are larger anatomical, because not padded recesses and grooves. In general, such products resemble conventional bath for adults, only small size. This option is convenient when it comes to bathing the large, rolling the child who prefers a lot of splash and swirl while swimming.


If you do not have a bath, but there is a shower,consider buying a special round bath for the children. It takes a minimum of space. However, this product will be convenient only for a child who likes to dabble sitting. For infants, it is not well suited in the first weeks of life.

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