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WHAT bath better: acrylic or cast iron?

What is the best bath: acrylic or cast iron?

Bathroom is a place where people are tiredrelax after a day in warm water and a cozy atmosphere. Most of this takes a bath room, which should be functional, beautiful, durable and comfortable.

Modern manufacturers make bath of acrylic and cast iron - which of them is more advantageous to use?

A cast iron bath

The main advantage of cast iron is considered to be hisdurability. In the production of enamelled bath him and give it aesthetic. The enamel is applied directly to the surface of the finished bath or just after low tide on a hot product. This achieves a degree of additional strength of the coating and its resistance to corrosion. High-quality cast-iron bathtubs are guaranteed for twenty years.

Most often, iron bath produced in the classical form, because this material is poorly molded complex.

Modern cast iron baths are sold withthe built in handles for easy operation, and also have a much lower weight, compared with the Soviet baths. However, even at low tide products with thin walls, its weight will still be quite impressive - at least 90-100 kilograms. Cast iron tubs are easy to maintain and do not require special cleaning agents. When washing such baths should be avoided sponges or brushes with abrasive surface that can scratch the enamel, it is still the weakest link of cast iron products.

Acrylic tub

Acrylic Bathtubs today are considered queensdesign, gradually replacing steel and cast iron products from a wide demand. The range of baths made of acrylic has a huge variety of models of all sizes and shapes. With compact acrylic bathtubs bathroom can be designed in any design, which is very important for the apartments with small dimensions of housing.

Acrylic bath in its characteristics in no way inferior to steel and cast iron, and in some respects even surpass them.

Despite the deceptively fragile kind of acrylic, thisthe material is very strong and even elastic. Its thickness is 4-6 millimeters, but the bottom of the acrylic bathtubs make a thicker, as the main load on it. The warranty on these products - for about a decade, they are easy to care for and durable enough. On acrylic do not breed harmful bacteria, moreover, it is resistant to various household chemicals.
Acrylic bathtubs are available in rectangular,asymmetric and oval versions, in addition, they are often are supplemented with whirlpool systems and lighting. Given the possibility of an easy reconstruction of acrylic baths, they can be recommended as the best product for the bathroom.

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