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What banks do not give mortgages?

What will not let a mortgage?

Experts made "black list" of real estate,to which financial institutions are not willing to provide mortgages. Estimated 5-7% failure rate is due to the fact that the lender did not like the purchased apartment.

Therefore, when you make a mortgage you must pay special attention to the bank's requirements for the subject collateral.

The cases in which the lender has refused to give a mortgage to purchase your own home, a lot of the reasons for their apparent and often predictable. Consider them.

Reason 1. The house is put on the waiting list for demolition. A creditor in any case fails because the fear of losing the collateral.

Cause 2. The pledge is an architectural monument. This status implies various limitations and responsibilities. No bank wants them to take over if the need arises suddenly the resale of the property.

Reason 3. The apartment is held illegal redevelopment. The fact that the law can not change the owner in the apartment, which held uncoordinated redevelopment. In most cases, some citizens increase the area of ​​toilets, by combining the bathroom and toilet room.

4. Cause of old buildings, where over 60% wear.

Reason 5. If a separate room in the apartment.

Financial institutions can provide mortgage secured by other assets. At the same time the next category of property is not considered as collateral:

  • Modular and panel five-storey houses, which were built before 1970. Most banks include such houses to those who are in line for demolition.
  • Real estate, located outside the city. For this type of real estate banks are wary.
  • Apartments, which are installed in the kitchen geysers. Very high probability of fire in this apartment.
  • Apartments with uncoordinated redevelopment.
  • Houses with wooden beams.

It should be noted that as collateral the bank accepts only liquid assets, which are in great demand and are always in demand in the market.

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