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WHAT balcony flowers most popular

What are the most popular balcony flowers

Today, on the balconies grown herbs, there is put up for summer plants. But the most popular version of the decoration of balconies and loggias - pots and boxes with bright annuals.

Among the flowers are popular items with interesting coloring, the original form of the petals, and ampelnye bushy shape, quickly transforming the city into a luxurious garden balcony.

Rules for the choice of balcony flowers

Most often, the balconies are planted annuals, andas adults biennial plants in the second year of life. The most popular undemanding plant with a long period of flowering. It is important that the flowers are well tolerated conditions of the balcony - a shadow or a bright sun, the wind, the limited space, and are resistant to pests.
The largest plants have a variety of ownerssouth-western and south-eastern balconies and loggias. Under the conditions of alternation of bright and sun with scattered penumbra grows well the most popular annuals. Those with balconies are in the shade, suitable plants, not carrying an excess of sunlight: lobelia, begonia tuber, hops, tobacco, Daisy. Owners southern balconies and terraces suitable flowers that prefer the hot sun. These include calendula, lavatera, gillyflower, petunias, mignonette, Kobe, irezine and others.

balcony leaders

Leader balcony flower beds - Petunia. This plant is rich in colors and shapes. Sales can be find and ampelnye shrub species, plants with small and large, plush or pestrookrashennymi flowers. Petunia's love a good watering, but do not tolerate stagnant moisture in the soil. They should be fertilized during the entire flowering period and remove withered flowers in a timely manner. Subject to all rules of petunias bloom from June to September.
Beloved shaded balconies - begonia. These plants with bright colors of red, white, yellow or pink tones can not tolerate the hot sun. They are undemanding to watering and soil quality, not grow too luxuriantly, forming compact bushes.
Great for gardening - Curly lianas. For particularly frequently bought balconies Ipomoea, kobeyu and sweet peas. These flowers grow very quickly, over the summer, they are able to create a real "green wall" on your balcony. Vines do not like too hot sun, preferring the soft diffused light and good watering.
Very impressive look marigold and saffron. These flowers can be grown from seed, but more often they are bought as seedlings. On sale are all shades of the solar range - from lemon to dark orange. These flowers are planted in boxes and pots, combining them with other plants. The only disadvantage of saffron, and marigold - sensitivity to pests, particularly spider mites.
It looks smart and nasturtium. It is recommended to plant seeds - seedlings are too fragile and badly gets accustomed. Nasturtium likes moderate sunlight and plenty of moisture. But an excess of fertilizer harm her. Rising too nutritious soil nasturtium develop abundant green mass and longer bloom.
The pleasant atmosphere on the balcony create a fragrantflowers - Mattioli, mignonette, sweet alyssum and tobacco. These plants are planted as seedlings. On sale are hybrids of different colors, from pure white to purple. Low-growing plants are best combined with high or curly - together they form a harmonious composition. Some plants are fragrant afternoon, the other - after sunset. With the right mix of colors your balcony will always be filled with a delicate aroma.

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