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HowIs bags in fashion in spring-summer 2014


What bags are in fashion in spring-summer 2014</a>

Spring is very close, so you need to take care in advance to update the wardrobe and buy fashion accessories, among which the most indispensable is the bag.

Their diversity is able to confound even an experienced fashionista, but if you know the types of bags, you can easily choose the best option for each case.

Hobo bag
A bag in the shape of a crescent, in which there is oneCompartment, closed with a zipper. This bag is worn on the shoulder, it fits snugly against the body. Materials for bags hobo, as a rule, soft and not preserving the form, so often they resemble knots, in which it is convenient to add everything you need.
Baguette bag

The name of the bag speaks for itself - it resembles a French baguette. The shape of the bag is round and elongated. It is fastened on top or side and is equipped with a short handle.

Messenger bag
Initially these bags were used by couriers,Delivering letters to them. A comfortable bag on the belt was loved by women of fashion for putting many useful and necessary things in it, and it opens and closes very quickly due to the fasteners in the front. Additional convenience is given to the bag by a long belt, which is another distinctive feature of the bag.
Tote bag
Bag for all occasions. It can be square, but most often it is a rectangle, in which books, magazines and even a laptop can fit. The Tote bag is perfect for creating a business image.

Bucket bag
Bag-bag or bag-bag, leather-wrappedLace. It can accommodate a huge number of things, without which no modern woman can do without - from cosmetics to phones and tablets.
Satchel bag
This bag resembles a school satchel,Adapted to the needs of modern women of fashion. Satchel bag is used for wide and heavy objects. The fasteners are located on the front part, and the strap can be thrown over the shoulder.
Saddle bag
Bag, the creation of which inspired designersCowboys. The popularity of the Saddle bag dates back to the 1970s and is growing every year. The shape of the bag resembles a saddle, its distinguishing feature is the overlap.
Envelope bag
One of the types of clutch is a bag-envelope. Its shape can be square or rectangular, and the upper valve is a triangle, so the bag in a closed form resembles an envelope. The size of the bag is small, which makes it very convenient, when you need to take a minimum of things with you.


This handbag is another kind of clutch. It appeared in the 1920s. A distinctive feature of Minaudiere is the availability of luxurious details and precious stones. This evening accessory can be considered as an original jewelry, complementing the image.

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