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WHAT Bachelor and how it is produced

What is a bachelor, and how it is produced

Bachelor is a person who has successfully completed the training program of higher education at the appropriate level.

This is one of the bachelor level of higher education, for the passage of which is necessary to enroll in a higher education institution.



Bachelor is a qualificationdegree, which is assigned to those who have successfully completed their training at the appropriate level of professional education. This level is called the Bachelor's, represents the first step of a two-stage system of higher education. This baccalaureate is indicated in the diploma, which is issued to the student after the full development of the educational program. Bachelor has the opportunity to study a Masters, a requirement for admission to which is the presence of higher education.


Get a bachelor's degree can be in any topan educational institution, a particular specialty and defining the direction of training do not matter, because the education system of our country is unified. As a rule, the development of educational programs at the undergraduate full-time education for four years. Subject to the successful development of all disciplines within the specified period, passing the final certification of the educational institution issues a certificate, which contains the reference to the availability of appropriate qualification. Subsequent studies in the magistracy took another two years, after which the person is assigned to a master's degree.


A mandatory requirement for admission to theTraining for any undergraduate program is the availability of secondary education. Confirming the existence of such education document is submitted by the applicant on receipt stage to higher education. At the organization receiving educational organizations take into account the results of the unified state exam, although some institutions are allowed to establish and carry out additional tests. Admission to the first year of follow-up training is the moment of occurrence of the educational relationship, which usually end with a diploma of higher education.


Upon receipt of individual applicants to Bachelorapplicants may be established benefits that do not affect the continued learning process. Educational services at this level can be provided for a fee or for the account of budgetary funds within a particular institution of higher education the maximum number of students. Admission is carried out exclusively on a competitive basis, but takes into account pre-emptive rights of individual students-beneficiaries.

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