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WHAT available alloys of aluminum with lead

What alloys can be prepared from aluminum with lead

The alloys are common today, and they can easily be found in any area.

But the most popular is still the most used alloys with lead and aluminum.

Under the very term "alloy" means a material that contains metals and other substances.

Often the additional components to a soft and ductile aluminum metals become more stable, but it can also be non-metallic components: boron, sulfur and charcoal.

Alloys containing aluminum

One known alloys can be found whereAluminum - aluminum compound with copper. The resulting metal has a simple and sturdy connection formula, thereby the alloy can be used in military and missile technology and in spacecraft. The use of copper in the composition improves the performance on resistance to corrosion.
If the meet with aluminum manganese,its presence will be able to repeatedly reinforce a significant improvement with the alloy solidification parameters. Such composition will remain solid even at very high temperatures. Manganese and aluminum used in the creation of kitchen accessories, radiators, plumbing systems and air conditioners.

When the composition of the aluminum alloy occurssilicon, the melting stability of the composition is greatly reduced. Often, such a composition is used for the production of castings, fillers for welding or brazing of aluminum.

Known alloys with lead

Lead has been used by people for a long time,because the metal is known for its excellent properties: fusibility, hardness and flexibility. Therefore, it is quite easy to combine with other alloy metals.
If added to the antimony lead, this alloyIt will be much harder. Such composition is in the sheets, and the special sheet extruded forms. Often, such an alloy may be replaced with a compound of lead and calcium. It should also be noted that aluminum is added to the stabilizer.
To create a lead bullets added tin. From this composition also makes jewelry, dishes and kitchen utensils. By the way, one of the few hypoallergenic alloy which is substantially not oxidized by the aggressive action of the water and salts. In addition, this alloy has antimony, silver, copper and bismuth. Due tin can obtain a more durable alloy, it is much harder, and in addition, lead to rather easily connected to the copper and steel.

Despite the prevalence of aluminumI was on the list of dangerous, from the point of view of scientists, elements. They demonstrated that aluminum tends to accumulate in the body, resulting in dementia and senile sclerosis.

As seen, lead alloys with aluminum andother metals obtained excellent physical indicators, which will certainly contribute to the improvement of the quality of the metal and expand its scope.

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