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WHAT autocracy

What is the autocracy

The basis of the centralized state is strong and independent power.

In the era of the undivided domination of feudal relations on the strength of the ruler and the extent of its powers depend defenses and economic power of the state.

This was one of the objective reasons for the emergence of autocracy in Russia.

What is called the autocracy

Autocracy called specifically for a particularRussian form of government in which the supreme power of the media in the country has all the rights in the state leadership. King, and later belonged to the Russian Emperor sovereign rights in management, in law and in the Supreme Court.
Autocrat bills itself could claimto appoint and dismiss them with the highest dignitaries. He carried out the command of the Army and Navy, in charge of all the finances of the country. By the ruler within the competence of even the appointment of the heads of local authorities and in court against only he could assert sentences and grant pardon.
The autocracy in Russia in its developmentsuccessively passed through two phases. From the 16th to the 17th century it was a monarchy based on caste-representative principle, when the king led the country in conjunction with the boyar aristocracy. From the 18th to the early 20th century, it reigned absolute, unrestricted monarchy in Russia. The last Russian tsar Nicholas II abdicated in early March 1917, during the February bourgeois revolution.

Features autocracy

Autocracy in Russia evolved from the patrimonialorder, therefore bore the imprint of the country's economic traditions. Its feature was the reluctance of reigning persons to distinguish between the different types of property. By the end of the era of sovereign autocracy almost single-handedly disposed of not only trade, but also all the resources of the country.
One of the foundations of autocracy was an Orthodoxchurch, which has been closely involved in the formulation of the principles of the sole state government. It was believed that the Russian kings are the direct heirs of the Roman emperor, and their dynasty traces its history from the oldest in the world order. corresponding genealogy has been created to confirm that provision, the development of which was directly involved Metropolitan Macarius. In a society with time it strengthened the idea of ​​the divine origin of the autocratic power.
Some researchers believe that the introduction andstrengthening of autocracy in Russia is directly linked with the peculiarities of the Russian national character. The idea is that people in Russia have long been no different capacity for self-organization, he was prone to conflict and in need of a strong central government. However, this understanding of the issue can not be considered valid. Formation of autocracy in Russia took place in accordance with the characteristic features of the country's economic and social structure. At a certain stage of development of the autocratic power of the state was fully justified.

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