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WHAT attractions have at VVC

What attractions are on OCE

The ground on which are located allAttractions OCE called "Wheel of VVC." The park was founded in honor of the 850th anniversary of the Russian capital, where there was built the largest in Russia Ferris wheel.

Guests arriving at the "wheel at the Exhibition Center" to have fun, and can find very extreme entertainment, and other uvesileniya designed for families.

"Ferris wheel" at VVC

As mentioned above, the real attraction of the park "Wheel of VVC" is just a "Ferris wheel" sitting where you can see a large part of the north of the Russian capital.
In addition to it, visitors can take advantage ofprize-winning attractions, as well as many other entertainment facilities, as well as guests of the park, are insured by the contract company "RESO". But still the favorite among visitors is precisely the "Wheel".

All attractions have been mandatory for OCERussian certification GOST 53130 "Safety of amusement", and regularly undergo certification accountable Rosstandart specialists LLC "Promservis".

The height of the "Big Dipper" is 73 meters,it has also opened (cost - 350 rubles), and closed (300 rubles) cabin. To participate in the amusements allowed visitors with growth above 140 centimeters, and children up to 16 years - accompanied by an adult.

Opening hours of the park at the Exhibition Centre in the spring and summer, and from 11:00 to 22:00, and in the fall and winter - from 12:00 to 19:00.

Other park attractions

"Cobra" that combines the fun just two- Tower free fall and loop the loop. Guests who choose to ride on them, first rising to a height of 46 meters, and then fly down with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, while also overcoming the noose. Participation fee - 250 rubles, and the conditions of visits - similar to "Ferris Wheel".
"Mars" - a giant swing with a full revolution function, ride on which you can feel in a state of weightlessness. The price of participation is 200 rubles.
Perfect for the whole family "Formula WORLD", whichyou can feel the adrenaline easy, driving on moderately steep turns. skating Cost - 250 rubles, and for the participation of the people allowed the growth of not less than 120 centimeters.
For those who like to tickle your nerves perfectlysuitable room for fear, "Pirates of the Caribbean", where you can meet the famous Jack Sparrow, and the ghosts of pirates. The cost of this attraction - 200 rubles.

But the organizers of entertainment still warn parents with a very impressionable child by his visit.

The famous Soviet-era "Circuit" onwhich can ride both adults and adolescents, and children accompanied by their elders. To participate in it allowed people not less than 110 centimeters, and the cost of the session on "Autodrome" 200 rubles.
The "Wheel of VVC" is also equipped with a cinema in 5D format, a large playground and arcade complex, in which the little ones can have fun is great.

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