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WHAT Asian shepherd dogs are different from other dogs

The Asian shepherd dogs are different from other dogs

Central Asian Shepherd Dog - breed, developed in Central Asia, the age which according to some estimates has about a thousand years. Also known under the name Alabai Turkmen Wolfhound or Asian.

It is believed that the ancestors of the breed has a Tibetan mastiff.

I breed developed in vivo byselecting relevant features man. The result of this selection were the big, beautiful dogs, shepherds resistant, capable of withstanding the heat and cold, and did not hesitate to engage in battle with the wolf.
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Alabai - is a powerful, harmoniously built molossian. Males more massive than the females are larger, with a well defined withers. The head is proportional to the dogs torso, body straight, broad shoulders and well-muscled.
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The coat is straight, thick, double coat 5-10 cm. Color - any other than blue, brown or black & brown. Wool Alabai in adverse conditions is able to close and protect the stray dog ​​as a shell, from the rain and wind.
Lure puppies Central Asian Shepherd
This high-dogs, an increase of 65 cm at the withers and weighing 40 kg. It is their size, strong constitution and good health help ALABAY copes with pedigree guard duties and a shepherd.
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Asian Shepherd Dog in puppy made cut the ears. This is done due to the fact that, in fights with other dogs or wolves, animal ears do not hurt.

Character and Temperament

Central Asian Shepherd Dog - Dog and proudindependent. However, she is confident in himself and balanced. By choosing this breed, it is necessary to know exactly what she is highly developed instinct of territory protection and its owner.
Since historically, that Alabaiused for grazing cattle, the dog developed a characteristic of the breed - a congenital quick response and lightning shot at the enemy. She boldly enters the fight with any predator, even the one that many of the largest of its own. No wonder alabai so valued and revered by the shepherds of Central Asia.
Besides courage, Central Asian ShepherdThey are renowned for their endurance and performance. These dogs are used for the protection of large areas, and carrying the guard, they can do without shelters. Keepers are wonderful: Plant a dog of this breed, you can be sure that someone else in the protected area will not penetrate it.
We can not say about a flexible mind these dogs. ALABAY not only well educated, but also itself learns. The only thing to remember owner before training - Alabai dog is quite independent and sovereign. It is not easy to taming, but very loyal dog owner.
Large, unpretentious, smart, well-oriented person with excellent guard dog qualities - this is Alabai.

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