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What are the varieties of cyclamen

What are the varieties of cyclamen

The name of a flower with beautiful and delicate petals, reminiscent of a flock of fluttering butterflies, or rooster combs, comes from the Greek word "??????", which means "circle".

The plant got its name thanks to the nodules of round shape.

In nature, there are several species of cyclamen, but in the indoor floriculture mainly grown 3 types. The most common Persian cyclamen, European and plyuschelistny.

Persian cyclamen

Herbaceous flowering plant with nodularpriplyustnutym tuber, reaching 15 cm in diameter. There are several hundred varieties of cyclamen this type, so you should stop only a few details.

Modern varieties of cyclamen Persian cultivated hybrids with flowers of pink, red and white.

Flowers cyclamen varieties Apple - largepink and white shades, with darker eye. The edges of the petals white stripe. The plant has a very interesting color of leaves with marble pattern. Charlie - it is a variety with large white flowers. peduncle up to 20 cm in size. Pink flowers with fringed edge, very tender and flavorful varieties of cyclamen in the morning. And the hybrid under the name Pink Carousel incredibly large flowers of pale pink color, with the petals bent upward and are cupped, besides the main flower fringe striped bracts.
Among the varieties of Persian cyclamenthere are also miniature varieties. flowers does not exceed 10 centimeters. Of particular note is the variety Red, its tiny flowers of dark red color with a gentle pleasant aroma reminiscent of lovely butterflies.

Cyclamen Europe

This plant differs from the Persian cyclamenheart-shaped leathery leaves about 2-4 cm in diameter. Tuber has an elongated shape, the roots are located along its entire surface. There are a few varieties of cyclamen, one can distinguish Green Ice and Winter-ice.

Cyclamen flowers European small fragrant flowers in length does not exceed 2 cm.

Cyclamen plyuschelistny

In our country, this type of cyclamen is often calledNeapolitan. This plant with interesting leaves with marble pattern and white, pink or red flowers. Scarlet butterfly - Neapolitan cyclamen with bright scarlet flowers of medium size, has a similar shape cyclamen varieties Spring butterfly, but its petals shade of pinkish-purple almost white with bright pink eye. It blooms very beautiful and magnificently.

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