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What are the Ukrainian folk music instruments

What are the Ukrainian folk music instruments

Ukrainian musical culture is similar to Russian, but has a number of distinctive features.

Among the Ukrainian national instrument stands trembita, bandura and torban.

Bandura - the most famous Ukrainian instrument

Bandura - a plucked string instrument,like a harp. It is a wooden deck with 25-60 strings. Housing pandora asymmetrical - neck is a bit on the side. Part of strings stretched over a stamp, and a part is attached directly to the deck. Playing bandura is done by pinching the strings with your fingers. This tool has been brought from Poland, but Ukraine has got a few changes. Under bandura sung tales, ballads and thought of wandering bards. This use of a musical instrument as accompaniment for the folk art prevailed until the 20th century. Only after 1940 began to appear professional works written especially for the bandura.

The first bandura had only 12-20 strings, but eventually began to thicken and increase in size. Because of this, "Bandura" began to call all bulky items.

Torban - Ukrainian lute

Torban like on Pandora, but his bodysymmetric. It has an oval deck and longer than that of Pandora, the vulture. Number of strings Torban varies from 30 to 60. Bass strings are strung on the auxiliary head - tor - which is located on the main. This tool has spread in the 17-18 century and was very popular in the Ukrainian feasts. Play for torbane was very difficult - one musician at the same time pressed the strings to the body, while others zaschipyvaem fingers. Craft tool was also quite expensive. Therefore Torban popularity slowly declined, and in the 20th century it was finally removed from the list of concert instruments.

One of the last musicians playing torbane was Vasyl Shevchenko. His tool is stored in the Museum of Musical Culture named after MI Glinka.

Trembita - colorful wind instrument

Trembita was extended to the south-westUkraine, the Carpathians. This original tool looks like a long wooden tube, wrapped in birch bark. By the end of the tube expands slightly. trembita can be up to 4 meters. pitch of the instrument depends on the size Pishchik inserted into the narrow end, as well as the skill of the musician. It is noteworthy that trembita usually made only from the trees, which was struck by lightning. Its creation required a special skill, because the tool walls should be no more than 7 mm. Sound trembita heard for several kilometers, so it is widely used for Carpathian shepherds alerts about different events. Also trembita played during funerals and weddings. Now the tool is used in folk collectives, and sometimes it is played in an orchestra.

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