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What are the types hotels

What are the types hotels

In the tourism business, there are many types of hotels with obscure names - chalets, hostel, Floatel, Botel, etc.

They are easy to get confused and choose for themselves unsuitable apartments - so specialized directories are usually explained by the range of services provided by various hotels.

The most popular hotels

Hotel or hotel called the institution,located in the city and popular with tourists or business people. Usually, they offer a wide range of services at a fairly affordable price. Business Hotels, unlike hotels, have their clientele. They offer everything you need to organize a conference, negotiation and comfortable work outside the office. Most often, business hotels are located in major economic centers with high business activity. Resort hotels are located in the resort and offer a full range of holidaymakers for a relaxing break - Spa, fitness centers, swimming pools, nightclubs and tennis courts.
Outs resort hotels is their isolation and inability to get acquainted with the culture and people of the country in which they are located.
Boutique hotels are five-starhotel with luxurious style and design. Most often, they are located in the resort town and have a very high cost. Apartments (flats, villas, part of the home or small houses) is mainly rented by tourists at a different time. Chalet hotel located in the ski resorts and have views of the traditional alpine huts or ordinary hotels. Among the most popular youth hostels, allowing to save a lot of money to live together in one big room of 12 to 20 people.

Less common Hotels

Some of the less common types of hotelsinclude campsites - tourist camp located in the countryside or by the sea. They are a tent or summer houses that are equipped with a kitchen and other benefits of civilization. On the water is a kind of hotel Floatel (ship, barge or landing stage), as well as Botel - a vessel equipped with a small floating hotel.
At the millionaires are very popular flayteli - expensive aerogostinitsy, access to which is possible only by air.
At the seaside tourists are offeredcondominiums - at home, which at a certain time can take several tenants. In recent years become increasingly popular hotels, timeshare, which involve joint rental property with the possibility to live in it for a time proportional to the monetary contributions. Fans of extreme sports and exotic hotel owners now offer ice and underwater hotels, and rent the Japanese rooms with an area of ​​only a few square meters.

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